Israel365 is devoted to helping the people of Israel and enhancing the Land of Israel through different projects and initiatives.

He died defending Israel. Now, his family needs you.

Neora Swid’s husband died a heroic death, fighting Hamas. But now his wife Neora is left alone to care for their three kids.

Help Widows of Fallen IDF Heros

Widows of IDF soldiers have not just lost a husband, but their partner in raising their family. Your help means they’re not alone.

Help the Lowenstern Family

Hadas Lowenstern’s heroic husband died fighting Hamas, leaving Hadas and their six kids alone.

Bring The Bibas Family Home

On Oct. 7, the Bibas Family was taken hostage by Hamas, and haven’t been returned yet. You can help bring them home.

Bring Young Christians Back to God

The radical left is stealing the souls of millions of young people every year. Can Israel be the solution?

Help Israeli Hostages

Support Israelis Abducted by Hamas & Their Families

Help Israeli Families Rebuild

In the midst of so much darkness and uncertainty, you can help these displaced Israeli families get back on their feet.

Support Israel’s Soldiers in Gaza

Israel’s soldiers are defending us and they need essential supplies. Together, we can help Israel win this war!

Israel is at War. Help now!

On Saturday Morning, October 7, as Israel celebrated the final day of the Sukkot holiday, Hamas terrorists launched a massive and vicious surprise attack.

Support IDF Soldiers

Help us assist the brave soldiers of the IDF, especially Lone Soldiers who volunteer for service, far away from their families outside of Israel.

Feed the Needy

Poverty in God’s holy land has reached an all time high. Over half a million families are desperately struggling to put food on the table…

Helping Orphans to go back to school

Help 100 orphans in Israel start their school year with dignity

Cool Collars for IDF Soliders

Help a soldier defend the Holy Land in the scorching summer months

Tree Planting in the Holy Land

Every tree planted in Israel is another root firmly embedding the Jewish Nation in it’s ancestral homeland

Helping Ukrainian Orphans

In 2022, Israel365 worked with the Alumim Orphanage to help over 100 Jewish orphans from Zhitomir, Ukraine escape to Israel.

Helping Meir’s widow and young children

Meir Tamari, 32 year old husband and father of two, ages 1 and 2.5, murdered on his way home in the heartland of Israel.

Help Nadav and Bat-El, pioneer farmers

Nadav and Bat-El are pioneer farmers protecting Israeli land from illegal Palestinian land grabs and anti-settler radical leftists.

Planting the Miyawaki Forest

Israel365 will be blessing the Land of Israel with a unique 10,000-tree forest in Judea and Samaria

Feed the Needy

One in three Israeli children – approximately 800,000 boys and girls – face hunger every day in Israel.


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