Feeding the Hungry

Feed Needy Israeli Families In 2023

With your help, we can distribute grocery bags of essential food items for the needy in central Israel.

Supporting 1,500 Families in Rehovot, Israel

The Pain of Poverty

Poverty in Israel has reached emergency levels.

Over 680,000 Israeli families do not have enough money to feed themselves.

That means adults, elders, and children, are going to sleep hungry every night.

Many of these families have only recently hit on hard times, due to job loss or sickness, and are struggling to get back on their feet.

What can we do to feed these families, restore their dignity, and help them rebuild their lives? 

The Secret to Helping the Poor

Israel’s most innovative charity crusaders know the secret to helping poor and hungry families.

And they do it with care and sensitivity – making sure to preserve the dignity of the receivers.

This big secret is not a soup kitchen, a community grocery sale, or even a charity box of food. It’s one of the simplest inventions in the world… a bag.

A food bag is not just a bag of food. It’s the key to getting out of poverty.

Beyond Sustenance

A Bag of Blessings

It’s a big shopping bag filled with a week’s worth of nourishing groceries;
including flour, oil, eggs, milk, grains, meat, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more.
With a single bag, a needy family can eat well.
Then, they can use their scarce income to cover other expenses like rent, utilities, and searching for work.

How You Giving Charity is Everything

Food bags are delivered silently to families’ doorsteps late at night by teams of local volunteers.

Because the food is in shopping bags donated by local markets, the bags look like a standard grocery delivery. Nobody would ever think it’s from a food bank.

In some situations, only the father or mother knows they’re receiving charity. The rest of the family thinks the parents bought the groceries! 

This discreet method of giving is the best way to preserve the recipient’s self-respect. 

After all, being poor and needy is an extremely vulnerable and sensitive position to be in.

That’s why the Bible tells us to give to the poor and promises blessings for doing so.

The 8 Levels of Giving Charity

In Biblical tradition, there are eight levels of giving charity.

When you donate food bags to needy families, you fulfill the two highest levels of charitable giving: 

  • The highest level is to give charity to help a person become financially independent. Food bags are support for families who are actively trying to get out of poverty. They’re not welfare handouts to people who don’t want to work.
  • The next highest level is giving to people you don’t know and who also don’t know you. This anonymity helps the giver stay humble and protects the dignity of the recipient. When you donate food bags, you’ll never know the recipient and they’ll never know you.

Donate food bags TODAY to feed the poor adults, elders, and children of Israel, and give charity the Biblical way! 

You’ll nourish families, preserve their dignity, help them get back on their feet, and give and get God’s abundant blessings.

“He who is generous to the poor lends to God. He will repay him his due.”

Proverbs 19:17
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