They Need You

Help Widows of Fallen IDF Heros

Widows of IDF soldiers have not just lost a husband, but their partner in raising their family. Your help means they’re not alone.

More Than Just a Headline

We’ve watched the news. Read the papers. Seen the images. Stood in awe.

Since October 7th, hundreds of thousands of Israeli reservists stopped their lives,  left their lives behind, and rejoined the IDF. They’re fighting in Gaza, on the Lebanese border, and in Judea and Samaria, defending not only Israel but Jews and Christians worldwide. 

What’s often lost in the politics and statistics are the individuals whose lives have been shattered by this war.

Think of the families of the fallen soldiers. What happens to them?

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Rabbi Elisha (of blessed memory) and Hadas Lowenstern

A few months ago, Hadas Lowenstern heard a knock at the door that would change her life forever.

It was a knock that every Israeli dreads. It was a knock that everyone who has a spouse in Gaza prays they don’t hear.
The three IDF officers at the door gently told her that Elisha, her husband of 13 years and father to their children, had been killed in battle.
Hadas was already caring for their six children and running her household on her own while her husband served in the reserves. But now, with her husband gone forever, she was truly alone.
How would she raise her six children, ranging from 12 years old to 10 months old, by herself?
A Sad Reality

They Lost More Than a Husband

Hadas Lowenstern’s story is tragically all too common in Israel. It’s the story of Sofia Chicheportiche and Neora Swid as well.

With 604 IDF casualties since October 7, this war’s devastation is felt in every home that now has an empty place at the table. 

Hundreds of families are missing fathers, husbands, and breadwinners. And somehow, their widows and orphans must carry on and make ends meet.

Widows must raise families on their own without a sustainable income, a massive financial burden resting solely on their shoulders. Trips to the supermarket get expensive fast. A growing stack of utility bills that must be paid. Meanwhile, the car is on its last legs; what happens when it breaks down for good?

Help Widows

They’re Counting on Us

Fallen soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice for Israel, giving their lives to protect us. Now their families are struggling, emotionally and financially, and they are looking to us for support. Nothing will replace their fallen husbands, but you can help relieve their financial burden. 

IDF widows have lost their husbands and are now the sole providers for their children. Their suffering and stress is unimaginable – and they need our help. Over the coming year, IDF widows are counting on us to give them the financial support they need to take care of everything from bills and food to clothing and toys. Every dollar you give matters more than we can imagine.

IDF widows have lost their husbands and are now the sole providers for their children.

Real People

Their spouse fell in battle protecting us. Now it’s our turn to protect them.