Help This Single Mother Rebuild Her Life in Sderot

Dina and her four children faced unimaginable terror on October 7th when terrorists attacked Sderot, forcing them to leave their home. Now back in Sderot, they live under constant threat of terror. Dina bears the full burden of their financial and emotional well-being and desperately needs your help to rebuild their lives.

Beautiful Life

Dina Hendler is a dedicated single mother of four children, aged 20, 17, 14, and 7. 

She works as the Director of Hybrid Learning for a network that focuses on educational innovation in high schools, a role she finds both challenging and rewarding. 

For the past three years, she and her family have called the vibrant community of Sderot their home, having moved from Ashdod.

But, on October 7th, their lives were turned upside down in the most shocking way possible.

Stop the Celebrations

Terrorists Outside

On the night of October 6, Dina and her neighbors were celebrating the holiday of Simchat Torah. The festivities were meant to continue the next day. 

However, around 6:30 AM on October 7, their world was shattered by the sound of sirens – a sound that had become all too familiar but never this constant and intense.

Within seconds, Dina and her children were huddled in their shelter, frightened by the chaos. Dina unsuccessfully tried contacting the police, not knowing that the police station had been attacked and many officers killed or injured. As the sound of gunfire filled the air, it became clear terrorists were in their streets, shooting at them. 

Outside was a scene of terror and destruction.

"As the sound of gunfire filled the air, it became clear terrorists were in their streets, shooting at them"

Fighting Evil

A Life Lost

For 15 grueling hours, Dina and her children stayed hidden in their shelter, paralyzed by fear. Their car had been damaged by missile shrapnel, leaving them with no way to escape. 

Finally, with the help of soldiers, they were able to get away. Dina sent three of her kids ahead and stayed behind with her eldest daughter until they had a ride out.

Dina’s journey out of Sderot was dangerous. With the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attacks all around them,they dodged gunfire and even had to return to the safety of the shelter.Eventually, they safely reached Jerusalem, where the Hendlers temporarily stayed in a cramped room with Dina’s mother. They were later moved to a hotel.

Scared and Struggling

A New Reality

Adjusting to life in Jerusalem was challenging. The bustling city offered no sense of community or support, and Dina’s children struggled with the trauma they had experienced

Her 14-year-old son was too terrified to attend school, and her youngest had nightmares that left him crying through the night. Despite the support they received, the emotional and psychological toll was immense.

After several months, Dina and her family returned to Sderot, hoping to find solace in their home. But the echoes of war lingered. 

The children continued to sleep in the shelter, haunted by the sounds of sirens and distant gunfire. Everyday activities, like using the bathroom, triggered anxiety and fear.

A Single Mom

Support her

Dina strives to maintain a sense of normalcy for her children. 

She now works from home to ensure she is always available to them. Despite their new reality full of fear and challenges, she remains hopeful, driven by the strong sense of community in Sderot.
Though she is strong, Dina cannot do this alone.
As a single mother, she bears the entire burden of her family’s financial and emotional well-being.
Your support can make a significant difference in helping Dina and her family rebuild their lives. Donations will ensure the Hendlers have essential supplies such as food and clothing and the emotional support his children need as they adjust to their new life.

A Community Broken

The sad reality is that the Hendler family is just one of the many families in Sderot that are suffering. Many in Sderot were injured or killed by Hamas. Most of the people in Sderot were displaced, leaving everything behind for their safety. Now that they have returned, they continue to live under constant threat of being attacked with rockets from Hamas.

These families need your support and solidarity more than ever to ensure a brighter future for Sderot.

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Help the Hendler family and other families like them in Sderot