Help the Golimas

Help the Family of a Police Officer Who Was Killed by Hamas

Shmuel Golima was killed fighting Hamas in Sderot, leaving behind a wife and three kids. The financial burden his family is now facing is heavy – but you can help. Your support is invaluable and will help the Golimas, and other grieving families in Sderot, through this dark and difficult time.

Help the Golimas

Shmuel Golima was tragically killed by Hamas terrorists in Sderot, leaving behind his wife Sima and their three children.
Last Time Home

The Holiday That Wasn’t

On Saturday, October 7th, Sgt. Maj. Shmuel Golima was not supposed to be working. He was meant to be in synagogue with his family, celebrating the holiday of Simchat Torah. Instead, after receiving a call to come in, Shmuel found himself saying goodbye to his wife and heading to work for the last time.

Having made aliyah from Ethiopia when he was eight years old, Shmuel married Sima. Together they had three beautiful children: Elian, Oria, and Elior. The Golima family lived in the southern city of Sderot, where Shmuel worked as a police officer.

When Shmuel headed to the police station on October 7th, no one knew of the horrific tragedies that were to come.

What Happened?

The Unknown

When Shmuel arrived at the police station, Hamas terrorists had already reached the station. The terrorists were shooting at anyone and everyone.

But Sima had no idea what was happening or where her husband was. When he didn’t answer her calls, she knew something was terribly wrong. She spent the entire day trying to get in touch with someone who could tell her where her husband was.

It wasn’t until 2:30 am when police officers showed up at her home that it was confirmed Shmuel had made it to the police station. But that was all they knew. 

Was he alive? Was he injured? Was he killed? No one knew for certain.

When he didn’t answer her calls, she knew something was terribly wrong.

Fighting Evil

A Life Lost

Twelve days later, though, everyone’s worst nightmare was confirmed when Shmuel’s body was identified. Shmuel was killed fighting Hamas terrorists. 

But Shmuel died as he lived. It was no surprise to Sima that Shmuel went to work that fateful October 7th morning because he always answered the call for help. He went wherever he was needed and gave of himself to help whoever he could. Shmuel spent his life helping everyone from Holocaust survivors to the hungry and the community’s youth.

On October 7th, it was the people of Sderot who needed him, so he showed up, ready to sacrifice whatever it took to protect them. The price? His life.

Supporting His Family

They Need You

At only 49 years old, Shmuel died way too young, with a whole life ahead of him. He left behind a legacy of kindness, having dedicated his life to helping those in need.

But now the Golimas are the ones in need. Sima has lost her husband, and her three young children have lost their father. Without Shmuel’s income and support, everything falls on Sima. From paying bills to appointments to taking care of the home and raising three children, Sima is on her own.
Sima is strong, but she shouldn’t have to fight this on her own.
Shmuel gave up his life for Israel.
Now he is counting on us to ensure his family gets the love and support they need.

A Grieving City

Unfortunately, the Golima family is not the only family in Sderot suffering. On October 7th, many families in Sderot experienced heartbreaking losses as loved ones were killed by Hamas.

Most of the people of Sderot were displaced for their safety, leaving behind their community, homes, schools, and businesses to live in hotels. Now, having moved back, they live under constant threat, frequently running for shelter as rockets from Hamas rain down upon their homes.

These families need your support and solidarity more than ever to rebuild their lives and ensure their future.

Help Sderot

Provide critical support to the Golima family and other families like them in Sderot