They Need You

Support Injured IDF Heros

Injured IDF soldiers put their lives on the line to fight barbaric terrorists. But their injuries mean they can’t support their families as they once did. They need your help to get through these dark times!

Call of Duty

Nothing is the Same

The news of October 7th sent shock waves around the world. But for many, life went on pretty much as normal.

The same can’t be said for the hundreds of thousands of Israeli reservists who left their families behind and rejoined the IDF, where they fought in incredibly dangerous conditions.

Unfortunately, that brave decision to fight left many of these husbands and fathers with life-threatening injuries, resulting in months-long hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation.

What happens now? After they are injured, what happens to them and their families?

Who takes care of them when they can no longer take care of themselves?

Unfortunately, that brave decision to fight left many of these husbands and fathers with life-threatening injuries

Fighting for Israel

Leaving His Life Behind

Mayan Mula is an Israeli living in India. When he heard about Hamas’ horrific attacks on Israel on October 7th, he left his family and business in India to fly to Israel and reenlist in the IDF.

While serving in Gaza, Mayan’s unit was ambushed by Hamas terrorists. Though badly injured himself, Mayan rushed to save the lives of his wounded friends.

His body bears the physical scars of his bravery—140+ pieces of shrapnel, nerve damage in his legs, hearing loss, and a wound in his stomach.

But his spirit remains unbroken.

Despite being ambushed by Hamas and enduring months of rehabilitation at Sheba Hospital, he has no regrets about his decision. His courage and sacrifice for Israel are awe-inspiring.

They Need Your Support

Mayan Mula is one of thousands of brave men and women who, without hesitation, reenlisted in the IDF to fight against evil. So are Sa’ar Axelrod and Gadi Lieberman.

While these soldiers survived terrible injuries, they’re not the same people they were before they went to war. 

These injured soldiers now face difficult challenges. They’ve lost their jobs and the ability to support their families as they once did. Their families must somehow carry on and make ends meet.

The bills pile up quickly, and the kids need food and clothing for the summer. And what happens when the ceiling starts to leak?

These heroes need our help to support their families and rebuild their lives. Your support will make a difference in their recovery and future.

Stand By Israel

Help Injured IDF Soldiers

These soldiers made massive sacrifices for Israel, enduring life-changing injuries to protect us. Now, they and their families are struggling, emotionally and financially, and looking to us for support.

Nothing will bring back their former lives, but you can help them build a brighter future.

Over the coming year, they are counting on us to provide the financial support they need for everything from medical expenses and food to clothing, toys, and school supplies. Every dollar you give matters more than we can imagine.

Stand By Israel

Provide critical support to our injured heroes