Help the Soldier Who Was Ambushed by Hamas in Gaza.

Maayan Mulla was severely injured fighting Hamas in Gaza, leaving him unable to support his wife and three kids. The financial burden they’re now facing is heavy – but you can help. Your support is invaluable and will help the Mullas through this dark and difficult time. 

A Hero's Sacrifice

Help Maayan Mulla and his family overcome the challenges of war and rebuild their lives.

Hearing the Call of Duty

Sitting in his home in India on October 7th, Maayan couldn’t believe what he was watching on the news. Israel was under attack. No matter where in the world he lived, Israel was his true home and the land he was committed to defending. 

The urge to fight for and defend Israel was in his blood. After saying goodbye to his wife Rachel, and three children, Barry, Noah, and Nativ, he got on a flight to Israel as fast as he could.

A Lieutenant Colonel with fourteen years of experience in the Israeli Engineering Special Forces, he knew his abilities would be best utilized in Gaza.

Ambushed in Gaza

Maayan's Fight to Save His Team

On December 12th, the 6th night of Chanukah, Maayan and his soldiers were in Gaza, executing an operation in the Jabalia refugee camp. Unbeknownst to them, the dead zone they entered was really a Hamas ambush, and they were attacked by Hamas terrorists. An RPG hit Maayan’s team, killing one and injuring others. 

With adrenaline surging through his body and unaware of the extent of his own injuries, Maayan provided medical support to those injured. Despite the shooting and mayhem going on around him, Maayan knew that he had five injured soldiers he needed to care for – lives he needed to protect. 

Busy saving the lives of others, Maayan didn’t realize his body was riddled with bullet wounds and shrapnel.

An Injured Hero

Working Toward Recovery


That’s how many pieces of shrapnel entered Maayan’s body. Rather, that’s the number they stopped counting at. Since December 12th, Maayan has been recovering at Sheba Hospital. He arrived at the hospital with hearing loss in his right ear, nerve damage in his legs, and a hole in his stomach from shrapnel. 

Since December 12th, Maayan has undergone seven surgeries. 

While he can move his legs, he can’t put pressure on them. The nerve damage to his legs means he can’t walk more than a couple of blocks at a time. He can’t see clearly and his hearing is still damaged. 

Maayan is constantly battling new infections and injuries caused by the shrapnel still in his body.

A New Reality

(Re)Building His Life

December 12th was only the beginning for Maayan. 

Maayan has been in a wheelchair for 5 ½ months. A “full” recovery can take at least 3-5 years, but he won’t ever get back to his old self.  

Maayan used to travel regularly for his business in India, something he can’t do anymore. 

His injuries have not only destroyed his ability to support his family. They’ve also taken him away from his family. His wife and three children are thousands of miles away in India while he recovers in Israel. 

Maayan sacrificed his life for Israel. A sacrifice that he wouldn’t hesitate to make again. 

But it means he has to build a new life. One we can help him build.

Supporting His Family

While Maayan rehabilitates at Sheba Hospital, he and his family need your support. His injuries don’t allow him to run what was once a successful business or to support his family as he once did. 

But you can help. Your donations will give Maayan and his family, and families of other injured soldiers, the financial resources they need to make it through this difficult time. 

Maayan sacrificed life as he knew it to protect each one of us. Now he is counting on us to ensure his family gets the love and support they need.

Helping a Hero

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