Help Gadi Liberman

An Injured Hero Turns to You.

Gadi Liberman left his family to fight Hamas in Gaza and was severely injured. This means he’s unable to support his wife and two kids. Gadi and his family need your help.

The Vacation That Never Happened

For Gadi Liberman, October 7th was supposed to be a family vacation – sand skiing in southern Israel. Early that morning, while his wife Liron was preparing food and his two children were sleeping, Gadi left their home in Ramat Gan to get their car ready. 

While checking the car outside, the sirens started blaring continuously. Gadi realized that these were no ordinary alarms. He checked the news and realized the sirens were coming from Gaza. 

Gadi was very familiar with Gaza, especially the northern region, from his time in the army. And so there was only one thing to do: check if the Israeli army needed him.

Confronting Ultimate Evil

After speaking with his commander, he left for his base near Gaza, unarmed and uncertain as to what would come next. Gadi and his friends had no idea what was happening, but they knew they needed to reach their base. 

Gadi could sense that Israel was not facing an ordinary attack from an enemy. This was pure evil. 

After three weeks of searching for terrorists, running drills, and preparing to rescue hostages, Gadi entered the Northern Gaza Strip. Gadi and his fellow soldiers went from house to house, building to building, looking for hostages, weapons, and terrorists. Along with weapons, they found propaganda filled with Hamas’s hatred for Israel.

The IDF’s Mission

A Horrific Explosion

Gadi was proud to protect Israel from Hamas. If the IDF didn’t stop Hamas in Gaza, Gadi believed Hamas would spread to other countries. 

But the day came when Gadi could no longer continue his crucial mission. 

On December 2nd, Gadi was in a building in Northern Gaza that was hit by an RPG explosion. Gadi was severely injured but remained conscious. He knew his only chance at survival was to tell his friend in the next room he was injured and needed help. His friend called for medical assistance. Within 45 minutes, he was airlifted to Sheba Hospital, where he received life-saving medical care.

Surgeries and Treatments

A Life Forever Changed

Gadi was a full-time patient at Sheba Hospital until the end of February. He now goes in 3-4 times a week for treatment. 

The shrapnel from the explosion left Gadi seriously injured. He has undergone three surgeries on his right hand—his dominant hand—and he will need more in the future. 

Additionally, a bullet fragment entered through his neck into his left jaw, and the doctor is still unsure of how to proceed. He has lost most of his hearing in his left ear and now uses hearing devices. He’s far from the Gadi he was when he entered Gaza.

Unable to Work

Supporting A Hero

Before October 7th, Gadi worked for a delivery company, picking up packages, handling them, and using the computer. As a result of his injuries, he is unable to perform any of his job duties. 

Not working means he can no longer support his family financially. He fought for Israel without a second thought, but the price was higher than he ever expected – it cost him his health, his job, and the stability his family needs. Now, he needs you to stand by him and his family in this time of need. 

They need you to ensure they have what they need to stay strong while Gadi rehabilitates.

As a result of his injuries, he is unable to perform any of his job duties.

The Brave Need Your Help

The Libermans are not alone – countless injured IDF soldiers and their families are dealing with similar hardships, needing help to make ends meet. 

Your donations can be the difference between despair and hope for these brave soldiers who have put their lives on the line to protect Israel. Let us honor their service and unwavering commitment by giving them the support they deserve and need.

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