Help Israeli Hostages

Support Israelis Abducted by Hamas & Their Families

Every single one of the victims, those returned and those still being held hostage, need us. Their lives have been torn apart.

Hamas Abducted over 220 Innocent People and Held them Hostage in Gaza

The numbers, unfortunately, don’t lie.
As a result of Hamas’s vicious attack against Israel on October 7th:
220+ people were kidnapped. Of those 220+ kidnapped, 40 were children (anyone to the age of 18).
110 hostages have been released, 38 of them children. 2 young children, Kfri (9 months) and Ariel (4), are still being held captive by Hamas.
33 people were killed and held captive by Hamas.
129 people are still being held captive in Gaza.

Hostages Need Support

You can help them move forward

Every single one of the victims, those returned and those still being held hostage, need us. Their lives have been torn apart.
They are deeply traumatized, and many can’t yet see a path forward.
But those abducted aren’t the only victims. After the horror of October 7, their families will never be the same. Their loved ones’ suffering has derailed their lives as well.
These innocent victims are counting on our help to rebuild their lives – lives Hamas so brutally torn apart.

(Re) Building Their Future

The worldwide campaign to pressure Hamas to release the hostages has been incredible.

But what happens next?

The hostages who were freed did not come back to calm and peaceful homes. They are rehabilitating while Israel is at war and fighting for its right to exist.

Most of the freed hostages live in border communities destroyed by Hamas on October 7. Tragically, they no longer have homes to return to. Their families, if they survived the attack, are displaced and scattered throughout the country. How can they recover if they don’t have the nurturing environment that’s necessary to heal?

Giving Support

Your support is vital

That is where you come in.

Your assistance enables us to establish the vital foundation survivors need to start rebuilding their lives.

Because of your generosity, we’re able to provide critical psychological services the victims require to begin their healing process, as well as the financial assistance necessary for families who are struggling.

We are committed to providing resources that will help families rebuild their lives, offering a nurturing environment and paving the way for a future of independence, meaning and happiness.

The job ahead of us is a big one, but with your help we can give these brave survivors the tools they need to heal and move forward.

Give Hope

Provide abductees and their families with support

Your contribution will have a profound impact on the released hostages and their families. 

In partnership with the Prime Minister’s office, we’re working with over 130 professional volunteers, pairing every released hostage with a volunteer. These volunteers will do all they can to ensure the returned hostages are not forgotten and that they receive all the government benefits they are entitled to.

Working with the government enables us to work directly with all of the released hostages, so that we can provide tailored support that directly addresses their individual needs, when and where it is needed. 

Don’t Forget About the Children

Hamas took 40 beautiful and vulnerable children hostage. These children experienced terrible trauma. Some are still afraid to raise their voices above a whisper. No one knows what the long-term impact of their captivity will be, and how it will impact their psychological health.

Your support will directly help these children

These children will always carry the trauma. But that is not where their story ends.  Together, we can help these children build healthy futures.


Tailored mental health support, addressing both immediate and long-term needs

Personal Development

Assistance in education, skill development, and integration into societal frameworks.

Enhancing Personal Growth

funding for educational courses, assistance in career advancement, assimilation into academic settings, nurturing personal interests, and more.

Contribute to a Brighter Tomorrow for Israel

The hostages and their families are heroes. Their bravery, strength, and endurance in the face of absolute evil are an inspiration to us all. 

But they need our help to rebuild what Hamas destroyed.

Working with you to help these courageous Israelis reconstruct their lives is both a privilege and an honor. Your generous contributions deliver essential material support and critical psychological and trauma counseling to families in distress. You play a pivotal role in empowering these families to begin their journey towards healing, helping them to regain their strength and rebuild their broken dreams.

“He who is generous to the poor makes a loan to Hashem; He will repay him his due."

(Proverbs 19:17)

Support Israelis Abducted by Hamas & Their Families

Together, we can give hope to the brave survivors and see a better tomorrow!