Israel is at war

Israel is at War and Needs your Help

The unthinkable has happened. 

On Saturday Morning, October 7, as Israel celebrated the final day of the Sukkot holiday, Hamas terrorists launched a massive and vicious surprise attack on Israel’s southern towns and cities, murdering over 1,400 innocent men, women and children in their homes and synagogues and taking over 240 hostages.

Israel desperately needs your help now.

Empowering Lives Through Giving

Support Israeli Soldiers on the Frontlines

Thousands of Israeli sons, fathers and brothers have been called to war. It’s all hands on deck.

As rockets landed all over Israel, Israel initiated a mass emergency mobilization. Thousands of our brave young men and women grabbed a backpack and rushed to mobilization centers to join their units.

Your donation will provide essential supplies like fresh socks, underwear and deodorant to thousands of Israeli soldiers at the southern battlefront.

Please show our brave young soldiers that we are with them, 100%.

Help Families Evacuated from Israel's Border Towns

Thousands of families from Israel’s northern and southern border towns are fleeing to other parts of the country and are seeking shelter.

Help us find temporary housing for thousands of traumatized men, women, and children.

Israel is Under Attack

Innocent Israelis murdered
Israelis injured and 129 Israeli hostages still held captive in Gaza
Rockets were launched into Israel

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Urgent Appeal

Support Israel during these challenging times

Your generous donation will make a significant impact by:

  • Providing Temporary Housing: Your support will help find temporary housing for thousands of traumatized men, women, and children who are fleeing to other parts of the country, seeking shelter.
  • Supplying Essential Items: We will be able to provide essential supplies such as fresh socks, underwear, and deodorant to thousands of Israeli soldiers stationed at the southern battlefront.
  • Building Emergency Bomb Shelters: Your contribution will also go towards constructing emergency bomb shelters for vulnerable communities.