Help 100 Orphans Start a New Life In Israel

After escaping Ukraine. They need clothing, appliances, basic essentials, and more.

Ukrainian Orphans Starting a New Life In Israel

It’s 5:00 AM on Thursday, February 24. A hundred orphans are shocked out of bed.

Russian rockets are pounding the army base next to their orphanage.

Explosion after explosion after explosion.

Fire, smoke, the building shaking with each blast.

A half-hour of screams, crying, panic, and emergency phone calls later, the orphans are on a bus fleeing for their lives.

They left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. And their passports.

Thanks to Israel365 and other caring organizations, these Jewish orphans escaped Ukraine and landed safely in the Land of Israel. Now, the story continues…

The orphans might have a bed to sleep in, but they still need so much more.

Thank God, the orphanage was given a temporary home in a mountaintop village outside Jerusalem. The orphans don’t have to worry about bombs, starvation, or survival. They have shelter and basic food.

But to start a new life in Israel means they need so much more…

They finally made it home. Let’s make them feel at home.

This is where YOU come in.

Your donation will pay for the basic essentials these orphans need to start their new life in the Land of Israel.

That’s new sets of clothing for over 100 orphans—thousands of socks, shoes, shirts, pants, skirts, and more.

That’s appliances to cook thousands of meals a week. That’s covering transportation costs so the Orphans can get medicine and see a doctor. And so much more.

What an impact you can make, what a blessing!

Donate NOW to give our orphans the basic essentials they need to start new lives in the Land of Israel.

And there is hope for your future - the word of Hashem - and your children will return to their border

Jeremiah 31:16
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