A Heroic Death

He died for Israel. His family needs you.

Sofia Chicheportiche’s husband died defending Israel from Hamas. He saved many lives, but now Sofia has been left alone to care for their four kids. From paying bills to taking care of the children, it all falls on Sofia. She’s now turning to you for your support.

A Dreadful Morning

Israel Under Attack

Like they did for so many across Israel, the sirens signaling the incoming rocket attack awoke the Chicheportiche family at 6:30 AM on October 7. The family not only lived on Kibbutz Shlomit but helped found the beautiful community 12.5 years ago. The kibbutz is right next to the border with Egypt and Gaza. 

Reouven and Sofia rushed their children into the bomb shelter. 

When Reouven and Sofia heard extremely loud explosions in their own community, they knew something was very different about this attack.

When Reouven and Sofia heard extremely loud explosions in their own community, they knew something was very different about this attack.

Helping Where He Was Needed

Reouven began getting calls about a terrorist attack at nearby Moshav Pri Gan. Ten terrorists had entered the town, and the security team needed backup. Reuven, a member of Shlomit’s security team, said goodbye to his family as he locked them safely in their house. That was the last time they ever saw him.

The security team of Pri Gan was not equipped for an attack of this magnitude, but that didn’t deter Reouven. If something was happening, if lives were at stake, Reouven was not the kind of man to stay home and hide. If he could do something, anything, to help – he would. 

He would do whatever he could to save them.

Saving Lives and Staring Down Evil

When he arrived at Pri Gan, terrorists had already broken into four homes, ready to commit unspeakable evil. Reouven bravely fought against these terrorists, heroically sacrificing his life to save others. 

But his actions were not in vain. Because of Reouven’s resistance, the terrorists retreated from Pri Gan and abandoned their murderous plans for the surrounding towns as well. Reouven’s sacrifice saved countless lives. 

Reouven was posthumously recognized as a fallen soldier by the Defense Ministry with the rank of sergeant major in the reserves.

A Family All Alone

Reouven’s family was shattered by his loss – and they were also denied the time to properly mourn. Because of the attack and ongoing rocket fire, they were displaced from their home and forced to live and grieve in a hotel for five months. They only returned to the home Reouven built with his own hands in March. 

As a child, Reouven made aliyah from France in 1992, with his family. He is survived by his wife Sofia, their children, Be’er, Shaked, Eitan Chaim, and Sinai, his parents and five siblings. 

He was an incredibly devoted father, husband, and friend, who died as he lived – helping those in need. He loved everything about Israel and made the ultimate sacrifice for it. 

Surviving Without Him

Your Help is Needed

And in doing so, he left his wife and four children alone, in need of help themselves. 

Sofia feels Reouven’s absence all the time. Now Sofia is alone in raising their four children. Sofia is alone in paying the bills that don’t stop coming for a family of five. Sofia is trying her hardest to help her children cope and process their emotions. 

Sofia is strong, but she doesn’t have to do this alone. Your help will ensure Sofia has the support she needs to help her and her family get through this difficult time. 

Every day without Reouven is like learning to walk again. You can help the Chicheportiche family get back on their feet.

Reouven Is Gone

Provide critical support to Sofia Chicheportiche and her family