Help the Lowenstern Family

Hadas Lowenstern’s heroic husband died fighting Hamas, leaving Hadas and their six kids alone. The financial burden they’re now facing is heavy- but you can help lessen it. Your support is invaluable and will help the Lowensterns through this dark and difficult time.

Her husband fell in Gaza fighting for Israel.

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The Lowensterns’ Loss

A Hanukkah That Changed Everything

It was the seventh night of Hanukkah, one of the most joyous days on the Jewish calendar, when a knock on the door brought news that changed Hadas Lowenstern’s life forever:

Her husband of 13 years, Rabbi Elisha, the love of her life, had fallen in battle in Gaza.
The father of their six children was in Gaza on a mission to rescue wounded soldiers when he was killed by an anti-tank missile fired by Hamas.
Though Elisha was a computer engineer, he was also an ordained rabbi and Bible scholar, who was a pillar in their community of Harish.
An incredibly kind soul, his entire community is in mourning over his loss.

Joining the Fight

When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, thousands of reservists were called up. Because of their large family, Elisha was exempt from joining the army. But from the get-go, Hadas and Elisha knew that Elisha would re-enlist to defend the people of Israel. Elisha believed that Israel’s security was his responsibility – no matter the cost. 

Even after tragically losing her husband, Hadas is determined not to let Hamas win. Hadas will do everything in her power to bring joy to her children and make sure they live a happy and meaningful life, despite their horrific loss.

How Can They Continue On?

Hadas and Elisha built a home of love and kindness and dedicated their lives to giving to others in need.  

But now the Lowensterns are the ones in need. Hadas has lost her husband, and her six young, beautiful children, aged 10 months to 12 years old, lost their father. Elisha was  their breadwinner, and now everything falls on Hadas. From paying bills to appointments to taking care of the home and raising six children, Hadas is on her own. Hadas is strong but she shouldn’t have to fight this on her own. 

Elisha made the ultimate sacrifice. Now he is counting on us to ensure Hadas gets the love and support she needs to care for her children. 

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Help Hadas and her Six Children