A Fallen Hero

He died defending Israel. Now, his family needs you.

Neora Swid’s husband died a heroic death, fighting Hamas. But now his wife Neora is left alone to care for their three kids. Every day is an emotional struggle, all while the family is struggling to pay the bills. They’re counting on you for your support.

Morning Terror

The Holiday that Broke Them

It was 6:30 AM on October 7. The Swid family of Kibbutz Shlomit, was awoken by sirens warning the community of rocket fire. Though they lived only 700 meters from the Gaza border, they never felt unsafe before. Until October 7.

Neora rushed with her three daughters to the safe room. But staying home and hiding in the safe room was not an option for Neora’s husband, Bechor.

Though they lived only 700 meters from the Gaza border, they never felt unsafe before. Until October 7.

Protecting the Unprotected

Master Sgt. (res.) Bechor Swid was an incredible father, spending as much time as he could with his daughters. He made sure they knew he loved them.

Bechor was a member of Shlomit’s community security squad. When he heard that there was a terrorist infiltration in Pri Gan, a neighborhood of mostly elderly and unarmed people, Bechor didn’t think twice. He knew he had to help.  

He quickly hugged Nehora and jumped in his car to go help them. He left so quickly he didn’t even have time to take his rifle.

Never Back Down

Fighting Until The End

That was the last time Neora and the kids saw Bechor. His empty car was found riddled with bullets. He was missing for three days until his body was found. 

It was clear that Bechor battled the terrorists until the very end. With no weapons, he fought with his bare hands, giving his all to defend Israel.

But that’s no surprise. In Neora’s own words, “That was Bechor. He was always a fighter. He would never give up.”. 

Neora is proud of how Bechor heroically died, defending Israel from the brutal evil of Hamas. But now she’s been left all alone to raise their three beautiful daughters, a job she did not sign up for.

Left Alone

We Can Help Them

Since October 7, the Swids’ community, Kibbutz Shlomit, has been under constant rocket attack by Hamas. Every time the siren goes off, life stops, school shuts down, and Neora’s kids can’t go out to play with their friends.

Life in Kibbutz Shlomit is very stressful, and Neora has no one to help her get the kids through this incredibly tumultuous time.

Yet life goes on. The devastation of losing her husband won’t stop the bills from coming. The children need even more love and attention.
No matter how resilient Neora is, no one should have to shoulder that alone. Neora needs our help
Bechor died to protect each one of us. We sadly can’t thank him directly, but we can support Neora and the children, making sure they have the love and support they need.
That’s all Bechor would have wanted.

Provide critical support to Neora Swid and her family