Managing Stress and Worry

The battlefield is always a scary place to be. Since October 7th, much of Israel has been transformed into one. From Gaza to the Northern border with Lebanon, Israeli soldiers are fighting to protect Jews and Christians worldwide.

But the battlefield can also be found in the communities in the North and South of Israel that have been left desolate because their inhabitants- 500,000 people- have been forced to flee their homes for their safety.

For these displaced families, their battlefield is also a mental one. One can only imagine the toll of living in a war zone, not in your own home, and trying to make each day feel as “normal” as possible.

While we can’t take anyone’s place on the mental battlefield, we can offer support to help them manage it.

Thanks to your generous support, we sponsored two events for displaced families, run by the Dale Carnegie Israel team, on managing stress and worry.

The team had the privilege of meeting with families from both the South and North of Israel. These families had been evacuated from their homes, some as early as the tragic events of October 7th, 2023.

Dale Carnegie support group for displaced families, Nov. 2023

Their focus was on helping these families navigate the immense stress and worry that had profoundly affected their lives. Together, they explored their coping mechanisms and emotional responses.

They found that some participants were in distress, grappling with the weight of their experiences, and others felt they were gradually improving over time. A few individuals found the pressure mounting as days went by.  Some participants advocated for seizing the day, focusing on the present, and letting go of worries about the past or future. This mindset, they believed, would ease their burden.

For instance, they heard from Sarit, who fled Ashkelon with her husband and two children on October 11th. Despite still working, Sarit faced challenges. Her clients were all in southern Israel, and her husband commuted there daily. In her session, Sarit expressed relief at sharing her feelings and fears. She committed to staying busy and dedicating part of her day to a hobby, hoping it would provide further solace.

Amidst the distress, we encountered participants who had remarkable resilience. Daniel, a 23-year-old student from the North, felt lonely and lost. Yet, he persevered. They also met Jorge, an octogenarian who had faced life’s challenges both in Argentina and Israel. He remained calm and optimistic, and his only desire was to return home to his Kibbutz as soon as possible.

Dale Carnegie support group for displaced families, Nov. 2023

It was incredible to see that people alternated between resilience and moments of feeling overwhelmed.

We are proud to have partnered with the Dale Carnegie Israel team to stand alongside these families, offering support, empathy, and practical tools to navigate their emotional journey. 

These families still need us, and as long as they need us, we will show up for them. But we can only continue providing this essential support to them if you continue generously providing support.

Donate here to help ease the burden of these brave souls.

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