Women of Valor

Since the start of the war, we have been doing all we can to help the soldiers fighting on the front lines. By providing them with gear and food, we made sure they had the essentials necessary to continue protecting us.

But what about their families? The ones who need to get by, day-to-day, without them around? The spouses who need to run the households on their own, and the children who have been missing their parent for months?

We haven’t forgotten about these Eshet Chayils, Women of Valor.

That’s why we began working with Thrive Study Abroad program, who have alumni serving in the IDF. Thrive wanted to help these brave soldiers and their families, and we provided them with the support necessary to do that.

Children of soldiers receiving gifts from Thrive

Thanks to our support, both Thrive staff members and volunteers have been able to package delicious and nutritious dinners as well as handpicked gifts for over 60 families (200 people!!) of IDF soldiers.

The wives of IDF soldiers have tearfully expressed how cared for they feel when they hear a knock on their door and are handed such meaningful packages. The personalized packages show them that they have not been forgotten even though the war has been going on for so long.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to take care of a community of heroes- those fighting on the frontlines and those holding down the home front- and bring them light amidst the darkness.

The feedback has been overwhelming:

“I have been living as a single mom for over a month now and it’s been very difficult. More stress was added to the already stressful situation when my child got sick. I took him to the doctor and I was told that he was going to need to go for surgery. As we were leaving to the hospital, you came and brought us food and gifts. We were all hungry and ate almost everything. My children busied themselves with their new gifts and our spirits were uplifted. You truly gave us such strength on a physical and emotional level during such trying times.”

Food prepared by Thrive for families of IDF soldiers

“As a soldier fighting in such dangerous territory, it is hard to do my job right as I am constantly worried about my wife and kids. After hearing about all that Eishet Chayil is doing to provide for my wife and children, I am able to feel calmer knowing that they are being cared for.”

“Thank you so much..Last night, we got a package of delicious dinner, self-care products, and freshly ground coffee (yum). I told my daughter that someone was bringing us dinner and she said she wanted schnitzel and rice, and that was exactly what came to our door. We’re so appreciative of the help and support in these trying times. Thank you!!!”

“To everyone who organized this project- thank you from the bottom of my heart! Apart from the fact that you gave us enough food literally until next Shabbat, you have made us feel so loved and taken care of!’

An IDF soilder thanking Thrive for support provided to his wife and family while he’s been away fighting

“It was so wonderful to feel the amount of care and effort you made for all of us, down to the smallest details. We showed everything to our father who is in the army and he was shocked, too. God bless you and everyone who contributed and initiated and worked for this wonderful enterprise. It was a great lesson for us about the guarantee of Israel. Everyone united in a time of tragedy, taking care of each other. We really can’t thank you enough!”

We’re going to continue to showing up for these incredible soilders and their equally incredible families, to provide the support they need to get through each day.

But that’s only possible if you continue to donate, so we can continue showing these brave Eishest Chayils that we’re never forgetting about them.

Donate now!

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