Security in Hashem, the God of Israel

“And now, O Israel, what does Hashem your God demand of you? Only this: to
fear Hashem your God, to walk only in His paths, to love Him, and to serve
Hashem your God with all your heart and soul (Deuteronomy 10:12).”

With anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head in ways unseen since WWII,
together with COVID-19, political corruption, riots, cancel culture, and
rumors of war from Iran, the chaos around us is evidence that we’re
entering into the Messianic era. The Bible compares the End of Days to the
birth pangs of a woman about to give birth, a period of pain that leads to
a period of joy and gladness. It is easy to see how this metaphor applies
to our current situation. But how can we find the strength to get through
the painful times?

We can receive guidance from two of the greatest leaders of Jewish history,
Moses and King David, who taught us not to fear and to cling to God with
all our might! To trust that behind the events of history is the unfolding
of God’s plan, one that is bringing all of the world forward to better
days, one day at a time! May this lesson strengthen us in the face of the
current turmoil of our world as the process of the final redemption, geula
in Hebrew, unfolds before our eyes.

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