Daughters of Israel Begin Replanting Bat Ayin’s Trees

by Yoni Schwartzman

Ash and death still greet all who come to the forests that we planted in Bat Ayin. Fires that burned there mere weeks ago devastated our efforts to fulfill biblical prophecy in our days: to finally, literally, root the Jewish People in their homeland. Each year’s harvest, from many of the groves that we plant, often helps support local communities; the forests we planted in Bat Ayin were no exception! Several farmers in the town, located in the Gush Etzion region, relied on the fruits of the nearby olive trees for their livelihoods. Now, they find themselves in desperate need of assistance to replant the forests that supported them. 

If they can not continue to plant and sew the Holy Land, then how will the Jewish People be able to stay in it? For as the prophet Amos said:

“And I will plant Israel upon their soil, nevermore to be uprooted from the land that I have given them (Amos 9:15).”

As religious people, we all find ourselves on a path to developing a deeper connection to Hashem, to our God. In so doing, we strive to make His will our own. He has made His will known to us through the Bible: through Amos’s words! The question is: will you follow in His ways? The daughters of Israel certainly did this week. They went to work to begin replanting the forests of Bat Ayin, sponsored by generous donations from our supporters. Still, we have a long way to go in our efforts to breathe new life into these now-barren hilltops. 

Time is of the essence! All this is happening during the summer before the Sabbatical Year, or Smeetah Year in Hebrew, that starts this September. That means in just a few weeks, we will not be able to plant any more trees. We only have 8 weeks left to replant the forests of Israel! Time is running out! If you have already donated trees, donate more; if you have not yet donated, we need you now more than ever! Please, fulfill God’s will! Be the manifestation of His divine words on Earth. HELP US REPLANT ISRAEL’S TREES TODAY!

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