Lone Soldier Thanks Israel365

by Yoni Schwartzman

The Israel365 Charity Fund has been working hard to provide for Lone Soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces for years. These courageous, brave young men and women have come from all over the globe to protect the State of Israel and its people. Recently, gracious donors from Finland sent several packages of socks for our beloved protectors as they head out to fight against terrorists on Israel’s borders.

Our unyielding Lone Soldiers are each given a copy of The Israel Bible at the start of their enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces. For Israel’s army puts its faith in the Almighty just as King David did centuries ago:

“Should an army besiege me, my heart would have no fear; should war beset me, still would I be confident (Psalms 127:3).”

The symbiotic relationship between God and His nation is profoundly felt in the hearts of our Lone Soldiers. They are putting their lives on the line day in and day out because they believe in this country and its right to exist. We can never truly repay them, but Israel365 is working diligently to ensure their wellbeing. After all, most soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces have a family waiting to greet them and support them; it is our job to be the family for these Lone Soldiers.

That is why we are so grateful to our friends in Finland for sponsoring this donation of warm wool socks! Rabbi Tuly Weisz, director and founder of Israel365, delivered the socks personally to Noah Levin, a Lone Soldier from Albany, New York, United States. Levin is grateful for this invaluable gift, saying that “I want to thank you guys for the socks here… I really appreciate that you guys are looking out for us and helping us out in every way that you can.”

It is currently an emotional time in Israel as the IDF continues to protect the country in Operation Guardians of the Wall. Reserve units have been called in and active personnel have been sent to the front lines. Already, Israel has lost too many lives to this war; still, without the IDF protecting our country the tragedy would be far worse. Show your gratitude to the defenders of the Holy Land today by supporting our Lone Soldiers.


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