Lone Soldier Thanks Israel365

by Yoni Schwartzman The Israel365 Charity Fund has been working hard to provide for Lone Soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces for years. These courageous, brave young men and women have come from all over the globe to protect the State of Israel and its people. Recently, gracious donors from Finland sent several packages […]

Israel365 Fighting Hamas by Initiating Pro-Israel Rallies Across the United States

As the missiles continue to be fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, and Israel plows through its campaign of bombing Hamas infrastructure in its Operation ‘Watchmen on the Wall’, pro-Hamas protests are taking over the streets of just about every major city in America. In response, Israel365 in cooperation with both Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis are organizing […]

Raffle Winner Donates Proceeds To Israel!

Several weeks ago, Israel365 launched a raffle for two free round-trip tickets to Israel. The raffle ended on Jerusalem Day (May 10). What sparked this incredible opportunity? “It was a team effort on the Israel365 staff’s part,” says Israel365 director Rabbi Tuly Weisz. Rabbi Weisz continued: “with the skies finally opening after Israel beat the Coronavirus, we […]