Israel365 Fighting Hamas by Initiating Pro-Israel Rallies Across the United States

As the missiles continue to be fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, and Israel plows through its campaign of bombing Hamas infrastructure in its Operation ‘Watchmen on the Wall’, pro-Hamas protests are taking over the streets of just about every major city in America.

In response, Israel365 in cooperation with both Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis are organizing local pro-Israel rallies throughout the United States.

The initiative is a means for pro-Israel Christians and Jews to turn their love of Israel into action with peaceful rallies to be seen throughout the world. This effort is part of a wider grassroots campaign to improve Israel’s PR image, a phenomenon known to be Jerusalem’s Achilles heel during every battle against Hamas.

Israel365 founder Rabbi Tuly Weisz is also organizing an online pro-Israel rally on Sunday. The event will feature remarks from Rabbi Weisz, Pastor Mario Bramnick, Pastor Jim Garlow, and Pastor David Swaggerty.

Six rallies have already been organized using a new website that was created by Israel365. Those rallies are scheduled to take place in Boston, Chicago, Columbus, San Diego, Miami and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

The user-friendly site allows anyone to organize a pro-Israel rally in their local area by simply filling out a form.

This means that if you, or anyone you know is interested in organizing a pro-Israel rally in your/their area, simply click here and follow the easy instructions.

Remember, just because you can’t step onto the battlefield to defend Israel, doesn’t mean you can’t fight for Israel in other ways. Joining and/or organizing a rally is a great way to do just that that. Start a pro-Israel rally today.

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