Israel365 Plants Trees In Givat Aleph

Baruch, the Israel365 agricultural specialist, was back on the road, planting trees and beautifying God’s Holy land. 

Givat Aleph is a budding agricultural settlement just outside of the town Kochav Hashachar, overlooking the Jordan River Valley. The community of Givat Aleph is only about a year old. The residents of Givat Aleph are so passionate about settling the Land of Israel that they (together with their flock of sheep) are living in temporary tents and trucks converted into apartments until they are granted official building permits. This commitment and passion for strengthening the Jewish presence across Israel is extremely admirable.


In Givat Aleph, Baruch and community volunteers planted paulownia tometosa, more commonly known as princess trees and empress trees. These trees are extremely fast-growing and their roots prevent soil erosion. In addition, their leaves are great for animal feed which will come in handy for this community’s growing flock.

Thank you to the generous donors who enable this special project to continue. It is through your dedication to Israel that we are able to continue to plant trees all across this holy land. If you would like to contribute to the Israel365 tree planting campaign, you can do so by clicking HERE

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