New Trees For Maoz Esther

Baruch, the Israel365 agriculture specialist, met with Ahuviel Sandak to plant trees in the community of Maoz Esther. Maoz Esther is a small agricultural settlement founded around a year ago. Like in many other new settlements, the residents of Maoz Esther are living in temporary living conditions in the time being. The community is comprised […]

Israel365 Plants Trees In Givat Aleph

Baruch, the Israel365 agricultural specialist, was back on the road, planting trees and beautifying God’s Holy land.  Givat Aleph is a budding agricultural settlement just outside of the town Kochav Hashachar, overlooking the Jordan River Valley. The community of Givat Aleph is only about a year old. The residents of Givat Aleph are so passionate […]