Interfaith, On The Ground Support of Israel

It is hard to believe that Israel has been fighting its war against Hamas for 53 days. 

On October 7, Hamas murdered over 1,200 innocent people. But the devastation left behind by Hamas is far greater than that. 5,400 Israelis were injured and half a million people were forced to flee their homes. Incredibly, Hamas has launched over 10,000 rockets into Israel.

For thousands of years, Jews have banded together during times of distress, and this war is no different. Israel has seen an outpouring of love and kindness from Jews worldwide. 

But it’s not just Jews. The Christian community has also stood up to support Israel during this painful time. Christians across the world have prayed for Israel and offered financial support to help Israel recover. 

Some Christians are even coming to Israel to give strength to their Jewish friends in person. On November 22nd, Israel365 welcomed eleven remarkable Gen Z women leaders, all in their 20s and hailing from diverse Christian and Jewish backgrounds. These young leaders came as part of our groundbreaking Keep God’s Land initiative,  a brand new faith-based movement aimed at strengthening Israeli sovereignty throughout Israel. 

The trip included visits to areas devastated by terrorism, from communities by the Gaza strip that were destroyed on October 7th to communities in Judea and Samaria that are consistently targets of terrorism. But the participants did not only come to learn. They also had the opportunity to give back to Israel and to help those most affected by terrorism.

The mission visited an IDF base in Gush Etzion, where they ran an Israel365 barbecue for over 400 soldiers. The women grilled and served meals to appreciative soldiers for several hours. One mission participant, a teacher, brought cards for the soldiers from her students. The soldiers were deeply moved that so many Jews and Christians across the world were standing behind them.

The BBQ was an amazing opportunity for the participants to meet soldiers similar in age to them who were fighting for Israel and all of the Western world, and to personally thank them for the sacrifices these soldiers have made for all of us. It also allowed the soldiers, who are sacrificing so much for us, to enjoy a warm and delicious meal.

On Friday, the young leaders ran another Israel365 carnival for displaced families from Kfar Maimon and other communities in the Gaza envelope. The carnival was an amazing opportunity for the children to do what children do best: have fun. From bouncy houses to playing games run by the young women, the children were entertained and had a blast. They were also visited by everyone’s favorite Disney characters – Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This carnival was a rare opportunity for leaders from America to bond with the youngest victims of Hamas terrorists. The women forged unforgettable connections with the children, proving that compassion knows no language barrier.

Our recent "Keep God’s Land" mission saw an incredible interfaith effort, with young leaders from diverse Christian and Jewish backgrounds coming together to provide direct, impactful assistance in affected areas.

Immediately after the carnival,  the group visited children suffering from severe illnesses at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. Being sick in a hospital is always scary for children, it is even scarier at a time of war, when rocket sirens can go off at any time. Though a visit from these amazing women would be enough to bring a smile to any child’s face, the participants did not come empty-handed. The women handed out toys from America, bringing joy and light to dozens of suffering children. 

The young leaders who participated in the trip were deeply inspired by the Israeli people’s courage and strength, and they are committed to continuing their work on behalf of Israel when they return home to America. At the same time, they brought incredible joy and strength to Israel’s heroes, reminding us all that Israel is not alone.

As the war persists, the needs in Israel are only growing. But with your help, we will continue to be there for our soldiers and displaced families, and everyone who needs help.  Please donate here, and stand with Israel! 

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