Answering the Call: It’s your turn to stand with Mayan Mulla and His Family

On October 7th and the days and weeks immediately following, Israeli reservists were called up for duty. Many of these men and women were going about their regular lives in Israel, while others received the call from afar. Mayan Mula was one of those Israelis who answered the call long distance. Living in India with his sweet family, Mayan Mula wasted no time boarding a plane to fly to his homeland when it needed him the most. In times of crisis, heroes emerge from all corners of the world, answering the call of duty to defend their homeland. They come from different backgrounds and walks of life but share a common purpose: protecting the people and the land they hold dear. 

This is the story of Mayan. 

As a Lieutenant Colonel with fourteen years of experience in the Israeli Engineering Special Forces, Mayan knew his skills and expertise were needed more than ever. At the beginning of the war against Hamas, Mayan bid farewell to wife Rachel and their three children, Barry, Noah, and Nativ, and boarded the first flight back to Israel. It was a decision that would forever change the course of his life and the lives of his loved ones.

Once in Israel, Mayan immediately immersed himself in the fight against Hamas, leading his unit with the same unwavering dedication and bravery that had defined his military career. He knew the risks, but he also knew that the safety and security of his fellow Israelis depended on the actions of those like him, the ones willing to put their lives on the line for the greater good.

Mayan Mula in the IDF

Tragically, on the 6th night of Chanukah, December 12th, Mayan and his unit were ambushed by Hamas in the Jabalia refugee camp. In one life-changing moment, an RPG struck, killing one soldier and injuring several others, including Mayan. Despite his severe injuries, Mayan’s focus remained on his team. With strength and clarity of purpose that can only be described as heroic, he provided critical medical support to the wounded, showcasing remarkable composure and leadership under fire.

The extent of Mayan’s injuries is difficult to comprehend. His body was riddled with 140 pieces of shrapnel, causing extensive damage to his legs, stomach, and right ear. The nerve damage in his legs has left him unable to put pressure on them, significantly limiting his mobility. His vision remains impaired, and he continues to battle new infections caused by the shrapnel still lodged in his body. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, with seven surgeries already behind him and an uncertain future ahead.

But the impact of Mayan’s injuries extends far beyond the physical. Before the ambush, Mayan’s business in India required frequent travel, which is now impossible for him. Picture for a moment if Mayan was your husband, father, or brother – and then what the emotional and physical effects of his injury on the rest of your family would be. As you can imagine, this situation has placed a significant financial burden on Mahyan’s family, who remain in India while he rehabilitates in Israel. The separation is not only geographical but also emotional, as Mayan and his loved ones navigate the challenges of his recovery from afar.

Mayan’s story deeply moved our videographer during our interview with Mayan. He shared with me that he is still processing the powerful experience of meeting Mayan, a man full of hope and determination despite his tremendous challenges. “It was humbling to meet such a hero,” he said. “Mayan’s unwavering spirit and commitment to his country and fellow soldiers shine through in every word he speaks. His experience in Gaza speaks truth to the constant threat of terror and the sacrifices made by those who defend Israel.”

Mayan Mula’s story is one of resilience, courage, and dedication. It is a reminder of the incredible sacrifices made by soldiers and their families and the ongoing struggle against those who seek to destroy Israel and its people. Mayan’s journey is far from over, but his bravery and determination inspire us all.

Mayan in the hospital

It is our responsibility, as a community, to stand by Mayan and his loved ones, providing the support and assistance they need to move forward. We cannot let their sacrifices go unnoticed or unappreciated. By donating to Mayan and his family, we are first and foremost saying thank you to Mayan for his bravery and commitment to the land of Israel. But beyond that, every contribution, no matter the size, will ease the financial burden Mayan and his family now face.  

This charity is a meaningful way to show Mayan and his family that they are not alone, that their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, and that we stand with them in their darkest hour. Together, we can be the light that guides them through this challenging journey, helping them to build a brighter future.

So, let us act now. Let us answer that long-distance call to serve – just like Mayan did nine months ago. Let us be heroes for Mayan and his family. Donate today and show them that their sacrifices matter, that their courage and resilience have touched our hearts and that we will not let them face these challenges alone. 

Together, we can ensure that Mayan and his family receive the support they desperately need and deserve. In a world where heroes like Mayan Mula exist, let us prove that compassion and generosity can shine even in the darkest times.

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