Planting in Aderet, Israel!

UPDATE: On July 17, dozens of fires raged across Israel, and we urgently need your prayers. The community of Aderet has been evacuated because of the fires.  Help Aderet and other communities ravaged by Fire!

The community of Aderet, is named for the verse in Ezekiel 17: 8 which describes a noble vine, in Hebrew, ‘gefen aderet’.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz visited Aderet to plant citrus trees- orange and clementine- as a stop on the Plant@71 campaign trail. 

Aliza and Pini, the community members who greeted Rabbi Tuly, were overjoyed to receive the gift of new citrus trees generously donated by Israel365 donors from around the world.

Both Aliza and Pini arrived in Aderet as youngsters in 1963. They, along with their families, and other Moroccan immigrants were settled by the Israeli government in the area now known as Aderet. Upon their arrival, the land was totally barren! There were no homes or other structures. No running water, plumbing, or electricity. No trees, or other agriculture. The new immigrants from Morocco lived in tents until they were able to build and set-up a proper, inhabitable settlement. It took years of labor and dedication to the land, but their hard work paid off!

Today, Aderet is a beautiful and flourishing community. It was wonderful meeting the residents of Aderet and gifting them with brand new citrus trees. Pini, who serves as the community gardener, invited Rabbi Tuly to come back soon for a visit. And in about 2 years, the literal fruits of our labor will be ready for consumption. We can’t wait to try the delicious fruits of our trees.

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