90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Hasn’t Left Her Apartment in 10 Years

A couple of week ago, Rabbi Tuly visited with 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Miriam in Central Israel.

Miriam was born in Hungary, survived the Holocaust, and soon after immigrated to Israel.

For the past 50 years, Miriam has lived in the same modest apartment. It is a third floor walk-up, without an elevator and air conditioning. Temperatures sky rocket during the summer months in Israel. It is virtually impossible to get comfortable without air conditioning. As you can see in the video above, Miriam uses an electric fan during the  summer. This is her only relief from the scorching heat. 

Due to her old age, Miriam has difficulty walking and is unable to leave her apartment. A few years back, she attempted to walk down the three flights of stairs to get outside, but became faint and nearly fell down the stairs! Miriam spends nearly all of her waking hours alone in her apartment. It has been TEN YEARS since Miriam has left her apartment. She NEEDS our help!

It is devastating that after surviving the Holocaust and witnessing some of the most horrible atrocities in human history, Miriam has not choice but to live out her final years in discomfort and solitude.

The Israel365 Charity Fund is working with Melabev, a local charity organization, to care for Miriam and other elderly Holocaust survivors. Thanks to the generous donors of Israel365 and the Israel365 Watchmen on the Wall, Miriam is visited weekly by a physical therapist. The therapist works with Miriam to keep her active and healthy. Miriam’s social worker informed us that this service has tremendously increased Miriam’s comfort and quality of life.

Miriam voiced her concern to Rabbi Tuly that the world is turning its back on Israel and Israel’s Holocaust survivors. She sees the increasing antisemitism across the world and is terrified of what this hatred could breed.

Rabbi Tuly comforted Miriam and let her know that there are countless good people around the world, lovers of Israel, who love and support her, and all Holocaust survivors.

Please help us care for Miriam and other elderly and disabled holocaust survivors living in Israel. These men and women are among the bravest of God’s chosen people and must be properly cared for in their old age.


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