Terrorism Strikes on Jerusalem Day

by Yoni Schwartzman

Yesterday marked the 54th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. The holiday inspired singing and dancing and heartfelt prayers in the streets of Zion. People came from all over the country, wearing the blue and white colors of the nation, to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Israeli flags were donned, waved by, and even painted onto the faces of thousands of children who flocked to Jerusalem’s Old City to celebrate its return to the Jewish People.

Unfortunately, there are many who wish to destroy Israel and the peaceful, deeply religious Judeo-Christian values for which it stands. Peace, shalom in Hebrew, has been synonymous with the city of Jerusalem since biblical times. As King David himself wrote in Psalms 122:6:

“Pray for the well-being and peace of Jerusalem; May those who love you be at peace”

These terrorists set fire to the Temple Mount in a failed attempt to shoot incendiaries at worshipers who had come to pray at the Western Wall. Such a blaze has never before ignited on Mount Moriah since the year 70 CE, when the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans. In their immoral struggle to thwart the nation of Israel, these Palestinian terrorists destroyed much of the Temple Mount’s once-beautiful cypress trees and endangered both their own lives and the lives of the Jewish pilgrims in vicinity.

What is more, terrorist group Hamas fired hundreds of rockets into Israel and even launched projectiles as far into Israel as the Jerusalem metropolitan area. Rocket sirens blared and resounding explosions boomed throughout Zion yesterday as the country’s Iron Dome defense system intercepted Hamas’s deadly missiles.

The Israel Defense Forces are responding swiftly to Hamas’s terrible attacks in an army-wide mission dubbed “Operation Guardians on the Wall”.  It is no coincidence that Israel365’s strongest supporters are called Watchmen on the Wall. Like the Israel Defense Forces, our consistent supporters never cease in their efforts to strengthen Israel, ensuring that our nation stands strong in the face of such malicious adversaries. Israel is a small country in a sea of enemies; a nation that lights a shinning torch of freedom, democracy, and peace into the darkest depths of evil. Do not let Israel stand alone. Rise, lovers of Zion! Rise and stand side by side with Israel and show the world what it truly means to believe in and serve God. Join the Israel365 Charity Fund’s Watchmen on the Wall and support the continuity of the State of Israel: click HERE.


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