Protecting our Past and Securing our Future in Hebron

Since Abraham purchased a burial cave for his wife Sara in Chevron nearly 4,000 years ago, the town has been beloved by Jews as the “City of our Matriarchs and Patriarchs.” Chevron, or Hebron in English, has always been a central holy place for the Jewish people. Today, the Jewish neighborhoods where hundreds of families live are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and therefore, Hebron is a place we must protect and support.

Rabbi Tuly distributing Cool Collars to IDF soldiers in Hebron
Rabbi Tuly distributing Cool Collars to IDF soldiers in Hebron

That’s why at Israel365, we go out of our way to bless the people and the IDF troops guarding Hebron every day. We have planted trees in Hebron, taken our tour groups there, brought an NBA basketball star to play with the kids, gave out pizza and refreshing “cool collars” to the IDF soldiers stationed there and provided food vouchers for needy families. It’s our honor and privilege to bless the brave souls who are raising their families in Hebron, for by doing so, they are safeguarding the everlasting link between us and our fathers and mothers.

Israel365 Basketball clinic in Hebron
Israel365 Basketball clinic in Hebron

It has become a tradition each summer, that Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel365 tours the ancient city of Hebron in the sweltering heat on the Jewish fast day of the 9th of Av when many of the soldiers are fasting. These cool collars provide much-needed relief so that our troops can stay alert to protect the Land of Israel.

To learn more about the history and legacy of Hebron, Rabbi Tuly Weisz interviewed Yishai Fleisher, the International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron. Yishai is also an Israeli broadcaster and a frequent columnist for major news websites including a recent oped in the NY Times. He holds a JD from Cardozo Law and rabbinic ordination from Kollel Agudat Achim. Yishai is a paratrooper in the IDF reserves and lives with his family on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem.

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