Rescuing Emergency Victims of Terror

Helping the Salomon Family Rebuild After Shabbat Massacre (July, 2017)

When a terrorist came in and slaughtered 3 of their family members on Friday night July 21, the Salomon family was preparing a small party at their home in Halamish to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy. Rabbi Tuly merited to be at the circumcision of this baby who was given the name Ari Yosef, Yosef for his grandfather who was murdered. From here we learn the beauty of the verse in Ezekiel: “In your blood you shall live”, the very story of the Jewish people.

Visiting Ronen, a Beit Meir Artist Who Lost His Gallery to Pyro Terror (April, 2017)

The Israel365 Charity Fund raised and distributed over $20,000 for the community of Beit Meir which was devastated by the forest fires in November. Just a few weeks ago, Rabbi Tuly Weisz and Israel365 Charity Fund board member Pastor David Swaggerty of Columbus, Ohio visited Beit Meir along with members of Pastor Swaggerty’s church, pictured here. They were amazed at how fast the community of Beit Meir has rebuilt and we pray for their continued strength and success.

Distributing Funds to Victims of Terrorist Arson in Beit Meir (March, 2017)

A wave of arson attacks that plagued the Land of Israel in November, 2016, drove thousands of Israelis from their homes, leaving behind millions of dollars of damaged homes and psychological trauma. Four months later, their houses and land are still in a tremendous state of disrepair.

Though people from all over the world have donated money, living necessities, and household goods, countless homes in the affected communities are still uninhabitable, leaving their original residents homeless.

Just a few weeks ago, at the end of February, Israel365 was approached by a group of American donors eager to donate funds to needy families in the hilltop community of Beit Meir. A Jewish settlement in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem, Beit Meir was one of the first communities to be devastated by the November fires.

Students from an American community came together to “Read for Israel”, where over the course of one week children were sponsored for every page they read. The unique project raised a significant sum and they proceeded to contact Israel365 after the project was completed.

Thanks to the outpouring of love and care from this very special group, Rabbi Tuly Weisz, and Israel365’s Director of Christian Relations Donna Jollay were blessed to present $20,000 to the Rabbi of Beit Meir to be allocated as per the needs of the community.

As the community leader, the Rabbi of Beit Meir will be able to assist those families and individuals who are still suffering from devastating losses and will be able to help get them back onto their feet.

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