Ensuring a Joyous Holiday for Israel’s Neediest

Supporting Needy Families with Passover Essentials (April, 2017)

With the funds donated by our generous readers and supporters, Israel365 partnered with the organization Bridges for Peace in giving dozens of packages filled with Passover essentials of food and Judaica to more than 100 needy families living in Northern Israel.

Israel365’s Director of Christian Relations Donna Jollay was fortunate to be at the April 4th distribution which took place in the city of Carmiel in Northern Israel.

Every month, Bridges for Peace consults their list of several hundred families and determines who will be included in that month’s recipients of food packages with enough supplies to last them approximately 3-4 weeks. In honor of the Passover holiday, Bridges for Peace provided extra food in each package: enough for the traditional Passover Seder (holiday meal) and even more to ensure a particularly joyous festival.

Israel365 contributed the spiritual component of the packages by donating Seder plates (used at the Passover meal), Matzah covers, a Haggadah (the guidebook used at the Passover Seder) and Kiddush (blessings) cups. Additionally, Israel365 added a small treat for the kids: crayons and coloring books, to bring a smile to the faces of the children.

Each and every recipient was incredibly touched and deeply grateful for this extra show of love and care, especially as the holiday season is meant to be one filled with joy and happiness.

Below is a testimonial from one of the recipients of the Passover food package:
Dear Friends,
The decision to do alia is much more serious and important in the life of a Jew than one can imagine. The dream to live in the promised land, chased by sequent generations through the years, currently if materializes very quickly, so we opened the folder alia in the agency judaica. But this is just the beginning of many new and large desafios. Like in the Bible times, there are many giants to defeat and land to win … Don’t is easy. Don’t is very easy! And I don’t know how we could win without the help of people and organizations as Bridges for Peace… And it’s not just for the help you through the utensils and food that both in rely upon. Is much more for the support and encouragement that this represents. As a widow and mother of two teens, I have been caressed and consoled much more than could imagine … On the Eve of the party Passover were magnificently surprised with a kit for celebration of this event so special. Tears could not be contained. It was as if Hashem same personally had telling US: “I don’t forgot to you. I keep sending my manah and operating my miracles. Celebrate, remember whole story, because I am the same and will continue freeing you how many Egitos are needed!” We can only thank by faith that you have deposited in us and the courage to surprise us with so much support a time when many still in persecute.
Todah raba! Todah Rabah! Todah Rabah!
 That the God of Israel repay all of you with the best and deeper of his blessings!
Affectionately, Cláudia Boffa and children.

Bringing Purim Festivities to Jerusalem’s Orphans (March, 2017)

With the funds donated by our generous readers and supporters, Israel365 was able to bring happiness to thousands of underprivileged children in Jerusalem, in accordance with the commandment of Esther:

“Therefore do the Yehudim of the villages, that dwell in the unwalled towns, make the fourteenth day of the month Adar…a good day, and of sending portions one to another.  (Esther 9:19)

Israel365 sponsored the packing and delivering of 2,500 food packages (in Hebrew, Mishloach Manot) to needy children across Jerusalem.

The staff of Israel365 wanted to give a little extra attention to a special girls home in Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Girls Town Orphanage, located in the neighborhood of Sanhedria. The Jerusalem Girls Town is home to over 200 girls aged 12-25 who come from broken, dysfunctional, or parent-less homes. The Orphanage provides them with a warm and loving environment which prepares them for success in life.

On the morning of Purim, March 13th, 2017, Rabbi Tuly Weisz, along with staff and volunteers of Israel365, showed up at the orphanage with 200 extravagant food packages- one for each girl. In addition to delivering the food packages, which brought a real smile to the faces of the girls, we brought along a professional dance instructor and set up a Purim celebration dance party right in the lobby of the orphanage!

The girls were able to sing, dance, and celebrate with their friends on the special holiday. Smiles and laughter filled the building as the girls and young women traded goodies, followed the dance teacher’s instructions, and celebrated with one another.

It was so special to watch these underprivileged girls forget their worries, and enjoy themselves to the fullest. It was the true realization of the Biblical description of how Purim was intended to be celebrated:

“On the thirteenth day of the month Adar, and on the fourteenth day of the same they rested, and made it a day of feasting and gladness.” (Esther 9:17)

It’s easy to say that this year’s Purim distribution was a smashing success!

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