Israel365 Delivers Pizza to Female Soldiers


Thanks to Israel365’s donors, we delivered seven large pizzas to female IDF soldiers on guard duty outside of Bethlehem yesterday.


David Sidman, the editor of Israel365 News, and his daughter Elsa, picked up the pizzas in the town of Efrat and drove out to the checkpoint.


In addition to personally giving the pizzas to the soldiers, Elsa, 11 years old, wrote beautiful notes of appreciation to them for protecting the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.


As you’ll see, the soldiers really appreciated the gifts. Soldiers love warm food, and they love the warmth that the local community shows them. Check out the videos below:




The event was touching and inspiring, and we’d like to thank our donors yet again for making this possible.


Donate below to also bless the People of Israel and the Land of Israel by giving pizzas to appreciative Israeli soldiers.

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