The Chain Reaction of Blessing Holocaust Survivors in Israel

We have great news.

The donors to Israel365’s Holocaust survivor fund just got a triple blessing. 

The organization to which we distribute the monthly Holocaust survivor donations has been able to leverage those donations to secure service grants from two different Israeli municipalities. 

They’re now able to provide tens of thousands of dollars worth of therapies to hundreds of Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Take a look at the work of this organization with one of its leaders, Shoshana Lichtman, in the video below:



In addition, on the strength of those grants, her organization qualified to compete for a 5-year service contract with another major Israeli municipality. Please pray hard for their success.

This means that a blessing to help a small group of Holocaust survivors with dementia has expanded to help hundreds, and now potentially thousands of survivors all over Israel!

Isn’t that incredible?

God is clearly showing His happiness with our donors’ blessings to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

For those who donated, thank you so much again for providing activities and gifts for our beloved Holocaust survivors.

And if you haven’t yet donated, now’s a great time to start! See the donation form below.

We look forward to seeing the blessings grow exponentially in the coming months and years.

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