Introducing the Israel365 Wellness Center in honor of Pastor David and Miriam Swaggerty

According to Jewish tradition, it is a mitzvah (commandment) to make the bridegroom happy on their wedding day. And although this deed often manifests itself in singing, dancing, and performing for the couple at the wedding itself, one Evangelical power couple took it to a whole new level. Israel365 dedicated a Women’s Wellness Center in […]

Giving a Holocaust Survivor the home she deserves

Ilana is a Holocaust Survivor living in Israel with barely any family. She only has one daughter who does her best to look after Ilana to the best of her abilities. But there’s only so much she can really do. As a survivor of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, Ilana endured horrendous torture leaving half […]

Rabbi Tuly Weisz Aims to Change the Narrative on Israel

Israel advocacy became the buzzword of the summer after several high-profile issues shook the foundations of global support for Israel sending alarm bells throughout the pro-Israel community. Rabbi Tuly Weisz took a leading role as a thought leader and activist pushing back against anti-Israel sentiment and articulating a positive path forward. Following the Gaza War […]

Israel365 Summer Camp with a Heart and Soul

Serving Food to Jerusalem’s Neediest On the first day, we spent the morning at the Meir Panim Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem. It’s an amazing place where meals are served in a warm, restaurant-like atmosphere. Our campers helped by washing and cutting up vegetables, cleaning kitchen appliances, and we even got to serve some of the […]

Israel365 Races to Plant Trees Before the Sabbatical Year

The recent flare-up with Hamas combined with the brutally hot summer weather in Israel made the Holy Land a target of dangerous arson attacks that destroyed countless forests throughout Israel. “Our enemies destroy, but we build. They try to uproot, but we will continue to plant” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel365. Watch Rabbi […]

Israel365 Dedicates Bombshelter Along Gaza Border

Israel365 dedicated a bomb shelter along the Gaza border in Kibbutz Karmia on June 15, 2021. “As soon as the missiles began falling on Israel, it became abundantly clear that bomb shelters save lives, and that Israel needed many more all across the country,” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz. “Thanks to our donors immediately responding to […]

IDF Soldiers are HOT, so Israel365 went to COOL them down

Israel365 distributed “Cool Collars” to IDF soldiers in Hebron on the Fast of the 9th Av, one of the hottest days on record in 2021. “While we are all focused on the destruction of the Temple and trying to make it through the fast, the soldiers are patrolling the streets of the City of the […]