Passover 2023 – Gifts for Lone Soldiers!

Thanks for the beautiful Passover gifts! Last week, just before Passover, we delivered gift packages that Israel365’s donors generously donated to our IDF Lone Soldiers. The Passover holiday is the most family-oriented holiday of the year. Most of us are home for the holiday, but not these boys. They’re thousands of miles away from family, […]

Jews and Christians Changing the Media Narrative on Israel

Typically, the media response to Operation Shield and Arrow blamed Israel as the aggressor for the massive terrorist rocket attacks on the Jewish State last week. Once again, prominent global media outlets whitewashed Islamic Jihad’s extremism while creating an appalling moral equivalence with the IDF’s defensive actions. With this week’s Nakba Day receiving more favorable […]

Israel365’s Donna Jollay Brings a Tour Group to Israel!

Thank you, Donna! In the week before Passover, Donna Jollay, Israel365’s Director of Christian Relations, did something amazing. She brought a group of 22 Israel-loving Christians on a magical 6-day Biblical adventure through Israel with her company Jerusalem Tours. The group started in the lush Golan, then journeyed through the hills of the Galilee. In Judea […]

Virtual Prayer Event to Pray for the Unborn and Future Mothers of the Nation

Exactly one month ago, Rabbi Akiva Gersh from the Tribe led an emotionally stirring virtual prayer event.  The Israel365 community from all across the globe prayed through music and song for the lives of God’s unborn children and their future mothers in the Land of Israel. As we know, prayer is the most powerful tool […]