Israel365’s Donna Jollay Brings a Tour Group to Israel!

Thank you, Donna!

In the week before Passover, Donna Jollay, Israel365’s Director of Christian Relations, did something amazing.

She brought a group of 22 Israel-loving Christians on a magical 6-day Biblical adventure through Israel with her company Jerusalem Tours.

The group started in the lush Golan, then journeyed through the hills of the Galilee. In Judea and Samaria, they visited Shiloh, the home of the Tabernacle, and Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs.

And, of course, they spent two days basking in the spiritual light of Jerusalem, God’s city.

They also had the unique opportunity to watch the entire country prepare for the holiday of Passover. What a trip!

As Donna told us, Most traditional Christian tours drive all around Judea and Samaria, and completely miss the Biblical Heartland of Israel and never even meet a Jewish person other than the guide or service staff. The only way to truly connect with the Land, the People, and the God of Israel is to visit the Heartland of Israel and meet her people. Lives and hearts were changed forever!”

We’re so impressed that Israel-loving Christians from the USA took valuable time to fly to Israel. And we’re thrilled they had a life-changing experience here.

If you’re planning to visit Israel and want an authentic Biblical experience, check out Jerusalem Tours’ website right here.

We’d love to see YOU in Israel!

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