An Update on the Bet Shemesh Holocaust Survivors

The Israel365 Charity Fund continues to provide weekly therapies and home visits to Holocaust survivors  living in Bet Shemesh and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to work with a wonderful organization called Melabev to provide at home care for 11 Holocaust survivors in the community of Bet Shemesh. The offices of Israel365 are located in Bet Shemesh and as such, we feel an extra level of responsibility to care for the survivors within our community. 

Serena is a physiotherapist who works at Melabev. Since June, she has been working with Esther. Esther is a sweet Holocaust Survivor who is housebound. Serena works with Esther, trying to help her move slowly and carefully. Esther is too weak to do much movement on her own, but during her weekly sessions with Serena, she is able to do some much needed stretching and exercise. 

Serena, together with Bracha a cognitive therapist, visit Simi on a weekly basis. Both Serena and Brancha are vital for Simi’s health and well-being. Bracha has been very resourceful, using Scrabble and other cognitive games to help Simi with her speaking and expression. Simi loves to share stories of her childhood and her family, but needs the help of professionals to properly express herself.

Rivka is an exercise therapist who also participates in the weekly home visits to Bet Shemesh Holocaust survivors. Rivka helps Rina work on keeping her joints active and healthy. Rina’s daughter Yael said that Rivka’s visits have been transformative for Rina. Yael appreciates the extra love, care, and attention that her mother has been receiving from Melabev and the Israel365 Charity Fund.

Thank you to all of the donors who donate towards our Holocaust campaign and have been ensuring that these weekly visits continue. Please CLICK HERE to donate to the Holocaust survivors of Bet Shemesh. 



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