Plant@71: Planting in Achiya!

We met Yael in Achiya! She and the other residents of this community work the Land of Israel with their bare hands, and plan on making Achiya one of the greenest and most flourishing places in the Land of Israel!  

The name Achiyha comes from the Bible…of course! In the Book of I Kings, Achiya is mentioned as a great prophet of Israel. He originated from the city of Shiloh. It is no wonder that the modern day city of Shiloh is just a mountain top away from the community of Achiya. This is a perfect example of rebirth and revival in God’s Holy Land.

Yael told us about Rabbi Shuker, the founder of Achiya who settled this area some 22 years ago. Achiya is surrounded by other Jewish communities and absolutely breathtaking views of the Samarian mountains. It was an honor to help Yael and the residents of Achiya plant their roots deep in their ancestral homeland.

Thank you to all of our amazing donors, for making this tree planting event happen. Join us as we plant trees all across our beautiful land! 

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