Plant@71: Sowing our Seeds in Bat Ayin

For the past two years, Israel365 has been continuously planting trees with our friend Amnon in Bat Ayin. Bat Ayin is a beautiful community nestled in the hills of the Biblical Heartland.

Thanks to our amazing donors, we have planted THOUSANDS of trees in Bat Ayin. Each time we go for a visit, or to plant a new batch of trees, it is so heartwarming to see our saplings growing and flourishing.

We were back in Bat Ayin at the end of last week to add to our ever-growing grove as part of our Plant@71 tree planting campaign

This planting was extra fun thanks to the help of our high-spirited volunteers! A bunch of local youngsters on summer break volunteered their time to help us sow or seeds. Their horses and donkeys helped make the experience feel even more authentic! 

Amnon commented on the significance of getting Israeli youth involved in planting trees in the land. He noted that physically planting trees is vital to helping the young generation establish a firm connection and bond to their land; “If you don’t have roots, you don’t have land!”

Thank you to all of our donors who have contributed to our Plant@71 campaign. We are continuing to visit communities across Israel and gifting them with trees! Click here to participate in this special campaign in honor of Israel’s 71st birthday!



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