3 Cutest Reasons Ever to Love IDF Soldiers

Tsofia: Hello everybody, and welcome to my first YouTube video. Today I have here a special guest, Rabbi Tuly Weisz, my dad.

Rabbi Weisz: Thanks for having me on your show.

Tsofia: Yes. This is gonna be very exciting because we’re gonna talk about our soldiers that save us and do everything for us, for us to survive.

Rabbi Weisz: Right. I love your hat, first of all.

Tsofia: Thank you.

Rabbi Weisz: And why don’t you tell us about your hat.

Tsofia: Yes. My hat is [says] Israeli Defense Forces, צבא הגנה לישראל (Tsva haHagana leYisrael), and we’re going to talk about it.

Rabbi Weisz: How do you like my shirt?

Tsofia: So I love your shirt.

Rabbi Weisz: It like matches your hat.

Tsofia: Yes, very! So I’m very excited. So let’s start.

Rabbi Weisz: Let’s begin.

Rabbi Weisz: When you’re a little kid in Israel, you see soldiers all the time.

Tsofia: Yeah, actually my dad’s right. Because when I walk around or drive around, I see soldiers in [with] their guns [and] all that, and they look really sweaty and not comfortable. But they still do it to, sacrifice their lives for us.

Rabbi Weisz: Okay right, they protect us. And, probably, you have friends who have like an older brother or maybe an older sister who’s in the army.

Tsofia: Actually, yes. A few girls in my class have older siblings that are in the army, and they always say my brother’s coming soon back to my house, and they’re really like talking about them a lot.

Rabbi Weisz: They’re probably excited when they come home for Shabbat.

Tsofia: They make me get into the mood to like start being a soldier, But i’m scared so i’m not gonna do it.

Rabbi Weisz: You are only seven. But when you’re a kid in israel, you think a lot more about soldiers and about being in the army, then if you were just a kid anywhere else, outside of Israel.

Tsofia: Yes!

Rabbi Weisz: Right. So we have a lot [of soldiers], we see soldiers, and we know that the soldiers are really important here. We wouldn’t be able to even live here

Tsofia: If we didn’t have our soldiers.

So that’s why we’re gonna name three reasons why we should thank our soldiers that protect us. Not only their family and the people that are next to them. hey protect even strangers yes it’s not just their family they’re protecting us let’s say a soldier didn’t know me he still protect me for me to be alive to learn from him so we’re gonna come up with three reasons but we have more reasons just we’re gonna focus exactly on three because we don’t want to be too much for you guys to think about more reasons and save them down below perfect so what is the first reason we should thank the idf soldier first yeah if we didn’t have our soldiers now we wouldn’t be here not even my dad would be here right if we didn’t have soldiers we wouldn’t be able to live in israel for sure there’s a lot of people who don’t want us to be here who try to hurt us but our idf protects us all right so number one reason let’s write it down is we wouldn’t have israel without the idf reason number two is why do we have our soldiers no reason number two why we should think and be appreciative of our soldiers reason number two go ahead yes

Tsofia: Why do we have soldiers? Let me tell you why. To protect us from our enemies. With strength and protection. Together it’s our soldiers trying to protect us.

Rabbi Weisz: All right. So [reason] number two is that they protect us. Even though we don’t know them. Even though they don’t necessarily know us. No matter what they protect us.

Tsofia: In any condition.

Rabbi Weisz: So first reason is that we wouldn’t have israel without them. Number two is that they protect us.

Tsofia: From any reason, any situation, any anything. They keep us safe. so that’s why you all, whoever’s watching me, please tell me on the comments down below how much do you thank our idf our soldiers.

Rabbi Weisz: Okay. Reason number three, our last reason for today’s video. Maybe they’ll be more. They really work hard to be in the army. And not only that like today’s really hot outside right yeah.

Tsofia: And they’re still there with their suits and their hats! They’re all wearing all these sweaty things, and it’s so hot. I don’t know how they do it! It’s like magic.

Rabbi Weisz: Right now there are soldiers who are in tanks and they don’t have air conditioning. It’s really hot in those tanks. And they’re in their uniform, and it’s really hot, and there are soldiers [in] all kinds of places that are dangerous. We hope that they don’t have to sacrifice their lives, but they put themselves in danger for us.

Tsofia: They don’t בכוונה (B’Chavana – on purpose) put theirselves…

Rabbi Weisz: Not on purpose.

Tsofia: Not on purpose. They do it when they need to.

Rabbi Weisz: Right. And they do everything that they need to do to keep us safe. And they put themselves in harm’s way.

Rabbi Weisz: Okay so we have three reasons why we need to say thank you. Or in Hebrew, how do you say that?

Tsofia: תודה (Toda).

Rabbi Weisz: תודה.

Tsofia: להודות (L’Hodot – to give thanks) let’s say.

Rabbi Weisz: To the soldiers of the Israeli army.

Tsofia: We only said three. But there’s maybe more than a bajillion out there.

Rabbi Weisz: If you have a reason, what should you do with your reason.

Tsofia: Say down on the comments, down below. And try to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. See you guys next time!

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