Ruth has been her mother’s caretaker, and now she gets to go to school

Ruth’s mother, Yael, suffered severe injuries a few years ago when she was shot by Islamic terrorists in the body and face, resulting in shattered facial bones. Despite undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries, she was left disfigured and has many other health issues.  Tragically, the terrorist attack also claimed the lives of Ruth’s grandmother and a […]

Summer Reunion

“Many of them didn’t see their families for more than a year. It’s very difficult,” she said. “The war is not ending and they want the children to stay here. They are in a safe place.” So this summer they started a new project to reconnect the families. They paid for mothers, sisters, and grandmothers […]

Ukrainian Orphans like Shana are Turning Their Lives Around in Israel

The 60 Ukrainian teens in Malki Bukeit’s care have faced things most of us can’t even imagine.  Their parents couldn’t care for them so they bounced around foster homes. Many were abused or neglected. And then their country went to war.  “They come from very difficult backgrounds,” said Malki, who runs a Children’s House with […]

17-year-old Sarah faces a new reality, and is learning to walk again

It was a regular day at her school. Sarah was hanging out with friends, playing sports. Then suddenly, on her way to a program, she fell down the stairs.  Now she’s paralyzed from the waist down. The medical bills and rehabilitation have been extremely expensive. But thanks to generous donors, she’s receiving the physical therapy […]