Two Holocaust Survivors Blessed by Israel365’s Donors


We would love to share with you the inspiring stories of two Holocaust survivors, Tamar and Jaqueline, who are currently benefitting from Israel365’s donors’ incredible generosity. 

Our donors support therapies and holiday gifts to Holocaust survivors throughout the Land of Israel who are suffering from various stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders. 

The programs and gifts greatly increase our beloved survivors’ physical and emotional quality of life. In many cases, the therapies provided slow their cognitive decline.

Before you read the stories, take a moment to watch this short video below about Shoshana, one of our Guardians of Israel. She runs the care center that Israel365’s donors support in Beit Shemesh. 

Please consider becoming a monthly donor (if you’re not already) and support her work with Holocaust survivors throughout the year.



How Tamar Miraculously Survived the Holocaust

Tamar was born in 1931 in Poland. After bribing their way out of the horrific Warsaw Ghetto, she, her mother, and aunt, miraculously survived the war disguised as non-Jewish Poles. Her father never made it out of the Ghetto.

In 1947, after some time in post-war Displaced Persons camps, the three women boarded the infamous Exodus boat to the Land of Israel. The British turned the boat away, and after a year as wandering refugees in Europe, Tamar, her mother, and aunt finally arrived in the newly declared State of Israel in 1948.

Tamar settled into life in Israel, went to school, worked, and eventually married a fellow Holocaust survivor. Following the birth of her first son, her husband thought life would be better for them in the US. He sailed to New York and lived with his father, bringing Tamar and her baby to Brooklyn shortly after.

Tamar lived for 60 years in New York, raising her kids and enjoying grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a good life, but now that she’s back in Israel at age 90 it’s even better!

She feels so privileged and joyful to have returned home. The country that gave her a new beginning 75 years ago is giving her a new beginning again!

Thanks to Israel365’s donors, she’s receiving cognitive therapy once a week in her home. The therapy will help her maintain her current level of cognition for as long as possible. She deeply thanks Israel365’s donors, and looks forward to many more years of health in the Land of Israel. 


Jaqueline’s Golden Years in Jerusalem

Jaqueline wrote a letter of thanks to Israel365’s donors, which we would like to share with you. Here it is:

“My name is Jacqueline. I was born in 1934 and am the youngest of four siblings and the only surviving child of my parents. My parents were German Jews who moved from Frankfort to Antwerp in 1931 as the situation in Germany worsened for the Jewish citizens. My father was a businessman who sold raw materials to shoe factories. 

My parents moved to Brussels shortly after my birth in 1934. In 1939, a few months after starting first grade, Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend school. The Nazi regime took over Belgium on May 10, 1940. 

My parents were both active in Jewish underground activities. My mother was involved in securing hiding places for Jewish children, providing extra food ration coupons, and social needs for the struggling Jewish community.

I was a hidden child for almost three years. At times, I was with a Catholic religious family who could not have children. At various times, other private families took me in. I eventually moved to a monastery. 

At the monastery, the nuns and priests knew who the Jewish children were. They tried to thoroughly indoctrinate us in the Roman Catholic rituals and teachings of the “sins” of the Jews. Their lessons included preparation for conversion! But despite their bad intentions (and efforts), I stayed a loyal Orthodox Jew.

When the war ended in 1945, I returned to Brussels. Thank God, my parents survived. Two of my brothers also survived several years in concentration camps. My third brother managed to flee to pre-State Israel. 

In 1949, my parents, my two brothers, and I immigrated to the US on refugee status. We settled in New Jersey, where we became chicken farmers.

After graduating high school, I started working, where I met my late husband. We married in 1956 and moved to Maryland. Together, we raised four wonderful children.

In 1999, we made aliyah to Jerusalem to spend our retirement with our children and grandchildren, who had all moved here. We have had beautiful years here, although not without challenges. My dear husband of 63 years passed away two and a half years ago.

During the last lockdowns, I unfortunately fractured my leg, and as a result, I became less mobile and relatively isolated. I now benefit from at-home service with a social worker and therapist to determine the best therapy for me. They are so kind and compassionate, and I look forward to our sessions. 

I am very grateful to Israel365’s amazing donors for helping fund my therapy sessions. 


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