Thank You for Helping Terror Victims in January and February 2023


Here are two families of Israeli terror victims whose Israel365’s generous donors helped in January and February: 

The Taltilian family has been facing huge financial challenges. They are a religious immigrant family originally from France. Their teenage son was in a terror attack, and since then, the entire family has been in crisis. They need therapy and serious financial help. Your donations helped them a lot. Thank you.

The Asulin family’s daughter Hodaya was severely injured in a bombing in 2011 and lay unresponsive in a coma until she passed away in 2017. Hodaya was always surrounded by lots of love from her adoring parents, siblings, and friends. 

Though Hodaya’s death was 6 years ago, the family is still emotionally crushed by the trauma and loss and needs regular assistance. They are very grateful for the support your donations are giving them.

Thank you again for caring for Israel’s terror victims and their families.

If you haven’t yet donated to support terror victims, please donate below.

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