Special Thanks from a Shemitta-Observant Farmer

If you love stories of Divine Providence, keep reading…

A few months ago, Izzy, one of our Israel365 team members, was riding in the car with a man named David Squire. The two had never met before. They were chatting about where they’re from, when they came to Israel, and what they do.

Izzy mentioned that he works for Israel365’s charity, and that we recently collected tens of thousands of dollars from generous donors to distribute to Israeli farmers who were observing Shemitta – the Sabbatical Year. 

Shemitta is the Biblically mandated year when fields are left uncultivated, happening every seven years. It’s the Sabbath of the Land.

David was surprised. He said, “I’m also a Shemitta-observant farmer, and I could also really use some help to make it through the year! It’s really not easy.”

Long story short, thank God we had enough funds to give David the support he needs to make it through the rest of the year. Big thanks to our generous donors.

This story just goes to prove yet again that God blesses the Israeli farmers who observe Shemitta.

And just as God blesses the farmers, He also blesses those who make it possible for the farmers to follow God’s commandments – people like you.

Farmer David actually just sent us a video (see below) expressing his thanks for the support. He also teaches us a bit about the Shemitta year. Enjoy!



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