Our most ADORABLE Tree Planting Ever in Tzlafon!

Established in 1950, Tzlafon is a community located just north of Bet Shemesh. The name of the community comes from the Bible, in the Book of I Chronicles. According to the lineage outlined in this chapter, Hazleponi (Tzlafon) was a direct descendant of Judah. 

“These were the sons of the father of Etam; Yizrael, Ishama, and Idbash; and the name of their sister was Hazleponi” (I Chronicles 4:3).

Virtually all of the towns and community in this region are named for Biblical characters and towns. It is miraculous to watch the Bible come to life in this way.

Like many of the other communities in this area, Tzlafon was founded in the early 1950s by Yeminite immigrants to Israel who worked primarily in agriculture.

Today, Tzlafon is home to residents ranging in age from newborns to senior citizens. Rabbi Tuly Weisz made a special stop at a local kindergarten to spend the afternoon with the youngsters of Tzlafon, teaching them about the importance of planting and caring for the Land of Israel. Thanks to the generous donors of Israel365, these adorable children experienced planting trees and flowers in and around their kindergarten.

We hope that these children enjoy the trees and flowers gifted to them by Israel365 donors.

Thank you so much to the Israel365 donors who made this tree planting possible. CLICK HERE if you too are interested in planting trees in the Land of Israel. 


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