Planting Trees in Negohot

Negohot, Israel is surrounded by Arab villages. Decades ago, it was the only Jewish community from Be’er Sheva to Bet Shemesh! This huge area was lacking a Jewish presence, and so in the 1980s and 1990s, Jewish families began moving to Negohot to settle this area.

Today, 60 families live in Negohot. We were so pleased to meet these special people who are committed to strengthening and cultivating the Land of Israel.

Israel365 planted 250 trees in the community of Negohot. This was the first of 71 communities which Israel365 will be visiting this year to plant trees.

Chagai and his adorable daughter Yarden helped us plant these trees. By planting trees, we are expanding the countries of the Land of Israel. In a few years, the trees we planted will grow into a beautiful grove! We look forward to coming back and enjoying watching our trees grow and prosper.

Join us as we continue planting trees across the Land of Israel.

Click HERE to plant trees with us.


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