Israel365’s Donors Help Nadav and Bat-El Build a House!


Nadav and Bat-El Schwartz, the pioneering farmers single-handedly protecting acres of Jewish land in Samaria, are SO appreciative.

Israel365’s donors recently gave their valuable dollars and euros to help the Schwartzes build a real house on their land. They’ve been living in a tiny mobile home for the last three and a half years and are ready for a permanent house. 

Last week, we transferred $19,000 to them, and as more donations roll in, we’ll give them more! Here’s a thank video they recorded:



With this blessing and the house that will come from it, Nadav and Bat-El will solidify their hold on the land. As Israelis know, the only way to stop Arabs from stealing Jewish land in Judea and Samaria is to build Jewish buildings and communities on the land.

Nadav and Bat-El’s new home will send the message that the Jews have won – this land will never be stolen! It will also encourage other young settler families to join them, build a community, and fill the Land.

This is a clear fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy:

“They shall build houses and dwell in them; they shall plant vineyards and enjoy their fruit. They shall not build for others to dwell in, or plant for others to enjoy. For the days of My people shall be as long as the days of a tree; My chosen ones shall outlive the work of their hands.”  Isaiah 65:21-22

Thank you to all who blessed Nadav, Bat-El, their daughter Devash, and the new baby expected at the end of September! The People of Israel and the Land of Israel have been boosted tremendously with your help.

If you feel moved to give (or give more) to help Nadav and Bat-El, you can donate on their special charity page. If you would like to make a general donation, see the form below.

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