Israel365 and Yeshiva for the Nations invites you to study Torah from Israel!

This week, Israel 365 and the Yeshiva for the Nations are joining forces to bring you four inspiring classes on a variety of different topics. The classes will be streamed on Zoom and are FREE for anyone who wishes to participate. 

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Monday, April 20

10:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM IST

Rabbi Tuly Weisz & Shirley Burdick, Ten Gentiles, will be studying Zachariah 8:23,

Shirley Burdick is a Christian volunteer in the Land. She grew up in China, lived in the US and worked in high-tech for many years. She and her husband discovered Israel on a tour in 2000 and have since wanted to join in the restoration process. They are thrilled to live in Jerusalem alongside of Jewish people as they continue to discover Israel.

Tuesday, April 21

Yom Hashoah
10:30 AM EST / 5:30 PM IST

Rabbi Tuly Weisz & Rabbi David Abrahamovitz, The World That Was, will be discussing the Spiritual Lessons of the Holocaust

David studied Jewish History throughout his life and all four of his grandparents were Holocaust survivors. He intensively studied about the Holocaust and began leading educational and meaningful Poland tours for Jewish and non-Jewish groups since 2007.

Wednesday, April 22

10:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM IST

Rabbi Tuly Weisz & Pastor Mark Biltz, El Shaddai Ministries, will be studying Jeremiah 12:5

Mark Biltz is author of the book ‘Blood Moons’ and founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington State. Mark’s goal is to educate Christians from all different denominations on how anti-Semitism and replacement theology has crippled our understanding of God and the covenants He has made with His people – the Jews.

Thursday, April 23

10:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM IST

Rabbi Tuly Weisz & Zac Waller, Hayovel, will be studying Jeremiah 31:5

Zac Waller was born in Kentucky and raised in the hills of Tennessee, but found his life calling on the mountains of Samaria in the Heartland of re-born Israel. Zac is a leader, a teacher, and a man of faith, dedicated to walking with, equipping and undergirding God’s people in the nations, empowering them to serve the God of Israel, bringing about the restoration of all things!


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