Home Visits to Holocaust Survivors of Bet Shemesh

The Israel365 Charity Fund is honored to provide for the elderly Holocaust survivors living in Bet Shemesh and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to work with a wonderful organization “Melabev” to provide at home care for 11 Holocaust survivors in the community of Bet Shemesh. The offices of Israel365 are located in Bet Shemesh and as such, we feel an extra level of responsibility to care for the survivors within our community. 

Thanks to our wonderful donors, we are able to provide the 11 Holocaust survivors with professional assessments by licensed social workers as well as personalized treatments plans and weekly therapies and visits. Below are three cases of Holocaust survivors whom we assists. As you can see, the weekly therapy visits they receive are priceless and add so much to their lives.

  • Rivka is a licensed exercise therapist who began treating Mari in May. During their weekly visits, Rivka and Mari focus on the movement of Mari’s legs. Rivka massages Mari’s legs and does gentle exercises with her. This is especially helpful to Mari because she lives alone and spends most of her time in bed.
  • Blimi, a cognitive therapist, works with 102-year-old Livia. Through word games and conversation, Blimi helps Livia keep her mind sharp and focused. Livia’s daughter is amazed at how her mother’s memory has improved since she began receiving weekly visits from Blimi. 
  • The physiotherapist Serena has been working closely with Miriam since June. Miriam lives alone in the top floor of an apartment building. Miriam has no help and reaming in solitude all day long. She is unable to leave her apartment on her own. Serena has been instrumental in helping Miriam stay active and healthy. Miriam loves when Serena comes not only for the physical therapy and movement but also to keep her company.

There are tens of thousands of elderly and needy Holocaust survivors in Israel. It is our goal and mission to reach as many of these amazing survivors as possible and to care for them in their old age. These individuals have endured unthinkable horrors and suffering. Now, they deserve to live out their remaining days in peace and tranquility.

Thank you to all those who have donated towards Holocaust survivors. If you would like to contribute towards these important home visits to Holocaust survivors, you can make a donation HERE.


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