Hayovel Joins Israel365 in the Fields of Bat Ayin

Israel365 has been plating trees in the fields of Bat Ayin for years. By now, we can proudly say that we have planted THOUSANDS of trees in this special community. Bat Ayin  is uniquely situated between Hebron, where Abraham and Sarah are buried and Jerusalem, where the Third Temple will rise one day (hopefully sooner than later).

Josh Waller and other volunteer farmers from Hayovel joined Israel365 in Bat Ayin to plant trees! On this special day, we planted olive trees, and our hope is that the oil from these trees will one day be used as annointing in the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

Hayovel’s mission is to strengthen the hearts of farmers across Israel. Just like the prophets in the Bible foretold, Hayovel works to make Israel green again! Hayovel volunteers comes from all around the world to be a part of the restoration of Israel. “It is time to get off of the fence, and get in the game…There is an open door in Israel…The invitation has been given to me, and if it has been given to me, it has been given to YOU, all those in the nations, to come and join this amazing work that God is doing here in the land,” says Josh Waller.

This was an amazing day to be a part of, and we can not wait to plant again with Hayovel!

Thank you to the amazing donors who have contributed to the Plant@71 campaign and enabled the planting of these olive trees! Click here to donate to Israel365’s tree planting campaign, and help int he restoration of the Holy Land. 

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